Launching the blog!

Welcome to’s blog – providing help, advice and a bundle of information to help you buy the right camping gear and outdoor equipment…

Being such a prominent online outdoor and camping shop, we thought it only right to allow access to our amazing outdoor gear brains, expertise and modesty!  Experience tells us that choosing the right gear for the job is vital for enjoying the outdoors – so we’re more than happy to help.

We live and breathe outdoor gear and, so if you have any queries, tit-bits, questions, challenges, research dilemma’s let us know.  One of the big things about this outdoor gear blog it opens up doors to allows customers a chance to provide advice, guidance and their own thoughts on a topic.

If you want to tell everybody about your amazing climb at the weekend, a new mountain bike route, the number of miles you have walked this month or travel and camping stories.  A forum, a blog for anything – post your comments and we’ll do the same.  ENJOY!

And remember, a soggy walker is not always a happy walker!!


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