Summer Family Camping Tips!

Quick tips for preparing to go camping

It’s that time of year again – pack the tent, pack your gear and don’t forget the kids!

Remembering what to take, how much to take, working out how to fit it into the car and staying sane are all challenges of preparing to go camping – especially when your dog is berserk, your son has just been stung and your partner is worried that you haven’t packed enough!  So here’s a couple of pointers to help you on your way and make one of life’s little joys, joyful.

Quick tips for preparing to go camping with the family:

  • Have you reserved your pitch?  Many camping sites are very popular with family campers especially around holiday times.  Booking ahead helps provides peace of mind at the very least.
  • The week leading up to the going away start building a list of all the equipment you’ll need for camping – is there anything else you haven’t got?  Buy it before you go and save yourself a few quid online!
  • What’s the weather going to be like – are you sure you’re prepared for sun and rain?
  • What activities will you be doing?  Games, outdoor sports, walking, sun bathing?
  • Gather together your gear the night before, and check it against your list as it’s loaded into the car.
  • Honestly ask yourself how long you need to pack the car, get the kids ready and do a couple of checks around the house?  Now add an hour.   It never takes what you expect, and rushing round is never a good way to start a summer holiday.
  • Sounds daft, but choose some holiday music for the car – get people in a good mood from the word go.

If you want a comprehensive packing list for camping, check out the camping equipment advice page on the website – it’s full of other tips too!  You can also see loads of other camping and outdoor advice here.

Any other tips you would like to share?  Pass them on and we’ll add them to the post – comment on this blog post below…

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3 thoughts on “Summer Family Camping Tips!

  1. Please remember to keep your kids under control. Last time I went camping they were running amok round the campsite, shouting and throwing balls etc. One kid ran straight into my wife and knocked her off her chair, spilling orange juice everywhere! I don’t want to stop people having fun but please be sensible.


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