Which is the best tent for you?

Buy a tent wisely!

Choosing a tent to buy is probably one of the most interesting camping equipment purchases. A tent is the accommodation for you and maybe your family and/or friends.  There are so many ‘types’ of camping tents available, in a variety of different models and sizes so finding the one best for you might seem like quite a challenge.  The best or right tent for your needs might be totally wrong for another camper but with a little help, CheapTents.com can help you on your way!  You can find a full article providing camping tent advice here.

Camping became popular as a recreational activity most prominently in the early 20th century, so is a relatively new past-time compared to many other activities.  It is however one of the world’s most accessible and most popular ways to enjoy spending time in the outdoors.  Click here is you want more advice on camping outdoors and choosing the right equipment.

What is the purpose of the tent?

Being outdoor enthusiasts ourselves we are totally aware of what a tent goes through when camping, and the tests of different activities, so choosing the camping tent that best performs for your activity is helped by firstly working out the purpose of the ten.  A few quick ideas:

  • Family camping?
  • Festival camping?
  • Mountain tent?
  • Expedition tent?
  • Backpacking tent?
  • Gap-year or long-distance travel?
  • Adventure runner or lightweight outdoor sports?

Having chosen one of these categories, it makes it far easier to keep an eye-out for these terms in the range of camping tents available.

Question to answer when choosing your next tent

Now that you have chosen a type of tent to look out for, consider these points to narrow the search down further:

  • Tent budget?
  • Tent size? Living space?  Sleeping space / berth?
  • Cooking space?
  • Number of entrances?
  • Number of bedrooms?
  • Standing height?
  • Tent weight?
  • Packed size?
  • Level of wind resilience?
  • Level of rain resilience?
  • Tents shape or design? Tent pole design?
  • Tent material?
  • Tent brand?
  • Number of skins – inner and outer tent?
  • How is it erected? Inner tent or outer first?
  • How fast is it to erect?
  • Tent reviews? What do other people say about it?

Typically, a tent will cost more when it includes more features, but naturally the quality of these features affects its costs too.  That’s why right at the top of the list tent budget comes first, as it’s too easy to tick all these questions and not account for budget.  It might be a good idea to

Other outdoor information and advice articles

A number of other related help and advice articles are available on the main website for bothy bag information, lightweight gear, expedition tents, lightweight tents and travel advice.

If you have any tips that you find helpful when choosing a tent for camping, or any other more general information, please feel free to contact us or post a comment below.  Thank you!


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