Outdoor Industry Credit Crunch? Nah!

Issues over the USA’s sub-prime market has been lingering over the UK economy’s head now for many months, and as you’ll hear again and again in the news, “the futures looking gloomy!”

Well today, we want to promote a different story…

Outdoor Industry Optimism

You would think that the outdoor industry, like many areas of the retail industry, would be affected by the contraction in people’s spending and supposedly looming recession.  But what we are finding is that in actual fact people are still buying outdoor gear.  The OCC Outdoor (industry publishers) state that outdoor and camping retailers are surprisingly optimistic.

When asked, “Based on sales over the past two months how would you describe your view of the year ahead?”, retailers said:

  • 14% – Very Optimistic
  • 49% – Cautiously Optimistic
  • 28% – Neither Optimistic nor pessimistic
  • 19% – Pessimistic


UK Weather + Camping = No Fun…WRONG!

OK, the weather of late has been a tad wet and grey, but stay warm and dry with a fleece and waterproofs, and of course where appropraite footwear, and you could have a great weekend walking in the invigorating fresh air. Campign too is great when it’s cooler; warm fires, cosey sleepign bags, and dew in the morrning.  Very nice indeed!

Outdoor is Cheap

The costs of many sports and activities to keep the kids happy soon add-up.  A trip to the cinema with the kids can total £40 with the tickets, drinks and popcorn, and that has only kept the family busy for a couple of hours…eeek!

Outdoor activities such as cycling, walking and camping are remarkably cheap.  There is an initial outlay of course, but I bet you’ve got loads of the gear tucked away already – waterproof jacket, boots, tent?

Relax, there’s a recession on!

Saving money by camping in the UK could be one of the best ways to relax too.  Spending time in the countryside removes you from everyday stresses and strains, and places you in an environment that is good for you.  Whether young or old, with family or friends, or even alone, camping and enjoying the countryside is a great way to get-away, de-stress, and get some exercise in the fresh air.

This apparent ‘recession’ could be one of the best things that’s ever happened to you!  Get some fresh air – it’s free!

CheapTents.com says thank you!

We have been operating online for 8 years now, making us one of the first companies to set-up an online camping and outdoor shop.  Over this time we have built a very familiar customer-base, who thank us for our personable and efficient service.  We are an independent outdoor retailer and would like to thank all those customers who keep on returning.  We will continue to offer discounts, not seasonally like many, but year-round to reward customers for their loyalty.  Thanks again from all at the CheapTents.com shop!


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