Kendal Mountain Festival Update

Looking for a little something extra, whilst enjoying the great outdoors?  Why not take a visit to Kendal Mountain Festival and enjoy a whole host of festivally things!

UPDATE: For Kendal Mountain Festival 2009, click here

The Kendal Mountain Festival combines outdoor sports, adventure, environment, education and culture to make a perfect long weekend for all.

Date: 20th – 23rd November, at various locations around Kendal.

Meet the Outdoor Professionals

From downhill mountain bikers, such as Tracy Moseley, winner of the World Cup Downhill time trials in 2006 and 2007.

Meet Owain James, an International Mountain Guide, where you can take practical lessons in alpine ropework techniques twice daily over the festival period.

Climb the equivalent height of Mount Everest (8848m) with the Mayor of Kendal, Clare Feeney-Johnson, as she climbs the Beast Banks approximately 177 times!

Why not learn about white water rafting with some of the world’s best white water river explorers…

Mountains and water are inextricably linked – the very form of each mountain range has been determined by the action of water…is water a barrier to progress or a transport of delight? To paddlers across the world it’s the latter.

Ski, snowboard and film nights at Kendal Mountain Festival sell-out every year!  The main feature of 2008’s Snowsport night is Rémy Lécluse.  As a Chamonix-based professional mountain guide specialist he plays on some of the steepest descents possible, at over 50º (eek!).

Festival Culture

Kendal Mountain Festival is now synonymous with outdoor sports culture.  It has built up a great reputation for presenting the Kendal film festival, lectures from professional climbers, alpinists, mountain and outdoor photographers, world-cyclers, exploring documentary makers, ski-mountaineers, extreme skiers, white water rafters, adventurers, and even the stand-up comedian Mark Olver.

Kendal is one of the world’s most prestigious mountain festivals, an internationally renowned event that attracts top adventurers, climbers, writers, film-makers and film premieres from around the world. Plus it’s a huge tribal gathering – the major social event for outdoor enthusiasts in the UK.

Kendal Mountain Festival, 2008

Camping, B&B and Accommodation

If you’re planning on camping or staying in a B&B, it’s best to book-up early as demand for accommodation is high this time of year!  There’s plenty to do, so to do, see to the Kendal Mountain Festival!


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