Talented Youth Climbers Day, Rochdale, UK

Climbing techniques and training methods is the focus for this ‘Talented Climbers Day’ in Rochdale.  For those fortunate enough to be invited by the British Mountaineering Council, they will get the chance to learn and from the BMC’s most experienced climbers; and thus providing tips and and advice to help develop future climbing talent.

The BMC states:

The participators will climb both routes and boulder problems in a similar format to a Youth Climbing Series event. However, the emphasis will be on climbing technique and strengths and weaknesses, rather than a formal competition.

The climbers that have been invited along are 12 of the best in the country.  Each earned themselves a place in the finals of the BMC Youth Climbing Series this year and so we’re crossing our fingers that these young guys will be the future of Britain’s climbing in years to come.

This training is part of the BMC’s commitment to continually coach youth climbing in a way that helps them compete and perform to it’s maximum potential, and will be holding two of these days each year.

Read the Daniel Woods interview for more information on sport climbing and bouldering, or check out the glossary of bouldering terminology.


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