Everest Climber Finds Directions to Llandudno

Welsh news this week has reported an intrigued trekker from Wales discovering a sign pointing to his hometown, Llandudno!

It must be altitude sickness?!

Reaching almost, 4,000m on his way-up to Everest’s Base Camp, James Thomas was greeted by a the painted wooden sign, pointing the way back to Llandudno

James Thomas had reached almost 4,000 metres on his way to Base Camp when he was greeted by the painted wooden sign pointing the way back to Llandudno, in north Wales.

James said:

“It was a pretty bleak and barren spot and the last thing I expected to see was that. At first I thought the altitude must be getting to me!” the 21-year-old told the North Wales Weekly News.

Base Camp & Mount Everest Facts

Base camp at 5,600m metres (18,370ft) stands at the foot of Everest on its southern side, deep in the Himalayas.  from this location many travellers, trekkers and climbers who take refuge in the relative civilisation that is the Mount Everest’s lunar landscape.

  • Nepalese name: Sagarmatha, meaning Goddess of the sky
  • Tibettan name: Chomolungma, meaning mother Goddess of the universe
  • Mount Everest was named after: Sir George Everest in 1865 ,the British surveyor-general of India. Once known as Peak 15
  • First recorded ascent: May 29,1953 by Sir Edmund Hillary, New Zealand, and Tenzing Norgay, Nepalese, via the South Col Route
  • Actual location: Latitude 27° 59′ N, Longitude 86° 56′ E.  The summit straddles the border of Nepal and Tibet.

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