Berghaus is booming! London flagship store announced…

We mentioned 2 weeks ago about Berghaus’ expansion plans into China, but just last week it also announced it’s plans to establish a sparkling new flagship store in London too.  The Berghaus outdoor gear brand is really on a global drive…

Sales through it’s own outdoor retail outlets has been part of the Berghaus growth strategy for many years now. Globally this can be seen more specifically in South Korea and Japan where there has been tremendous growth.   Berghaus states that the company now has 24 stores in South Korea, with ambitions to open up to 400 stores across the Asian region, and is in the process of finalising a contract with a major corporation to license the brand in China from 2009.  Not only are dedicated shops part of the strategy but so to are ‘shop in shop’ areas, where Berghaus will locate it’s goods on another shops premises – this is occurring across the UK and Europe.

Richard Cotter, Berghaus brand president, comments:

“It has long been an ambition of Berghaus to open up in London and Covent Garden was always the preferred location.  This is an outstanding opportunity for us to build on the success of the first flagship store, showcase the full spectrum of what the brand has to offer in London and raise awareness and drive demand for Berghaus across the south of England.

Berghaus’ London Flagship Store & Beyond!

The Covent Garden flagship store is going to be located just across the Thames near to London’s Beetham Tower – an area of London that is going through spectacular changes so well suited to such a development.

The Berghaus flagship stores are to be almost as much about the experience of shopping for outdoor gear as the gear itself, with extensive attention drawn to the textures, layout and features of the shopping environment.

If we are going to achieve the bold global objectives that we have set ourselves at Berghaus, we must deliver an exceptional and consistent retail experience through all channels and in all territories…

The name Bond…Berghaus Bond

Not only this but Berghaus are launching a special cinema advertising campaign prior to the new james Bond film, Quantum of Solace.


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