Glamping…5 star glamorous camping?

People who enjoy the outdoors are finding new ways of doing so but without the so-called lack of erm, glamour(?)

For this reason, Glamour Camping, aka Glamping has taken off…

What is Glamping?

Source, Flickr: Texas Mustang
Source, Flickr: Texas Mustang

I must be honest, before this summer I hadn’t heard of such a phrase, so if you’re not to sure of what glamping is, you needn’t worry!

Glamping is a means of getting into the great rugged outdoors, without being so rugged.  This means that it’s 5-star log cabins, spotless bespoke tents, endless designer gazebos, blow-up sofas, sheep skin rugs, tealight chandeliers, shique tepees all the way.  It’s a unique form of ‘alfresco’ camping and one that to be honest only sits on the periphery of what is technically and traditionally camping, but it is still firmly there.

Is glamping a result of the credit crunch?

As people are feeling the squeeze on their purses and wallets, are they ‘downgrading’ to a cheaper former of holidaying experience?  It’s certainly looking that way.  Maybe 2 weeks camping in the Scottish Highlands wouldn’t be their cup of tea without the luxuries that glamping creates.

It certainly is a cheaper and often quite quirky form of getaway for most, and provides plenty to do, but also ticks a few style box too. It’s an up and coming trend according for some, as it’s a bit off-the-wall and bit cool to do something like this but it’s not going to be a field that our camping shop will be moving into anytime soon!


Glamping is not my sort of thing, as I like spending excessively large amounts of time doing things that should really take a few minutes when camping, as it’s quite relaxing in a way.  I still haven’t worked out the whole get-up-and-go mentality when camping…it’s much more of breakfast takes 2 hours kind of thing for me.

Best thing ever for me…being slightly aware of the cold outside my sleeping bag whilst being cosey warm inside!  Now you don’t get that from glamping!

Although, the whole glamping thing provides access to the countryside for those who don’t like to sleep rough, or anything close to it, so maybe it’s not a bad thing at all…

Your thoughts…

Do you think glamping is ridiculous and clutter the countryside with people who only superficially enjoy it, or rather does it encourage those that would not get out into the countryside? Each to their own?  Is snobbery about on both sides of this glamping fence?  Soulless or soulful?  What are your thoughts…?


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