Oxfam and Granger's partner on Fabric4Life campaign

Granger’s has partnered with Oxfam to promote the recycling of outdoor clothing and equipment through the Fabric4Life campaign.

Oxfam’s Fabric4Life Campaign

Whether a recreational or professional outdoor sports/activity enthusiast, everyone has an old mac or ten tucked in there cupboard not being used. Simply take any old fleece or waterproof garments into any Oxfam high street shop for it to be recycled.

It’s especially great, as something that does not hold much value to one person, hold’s a great deal to another.  Fabric4Life thereore has a great chance of raising a great deal of funds for Oxfam.  Do you have any fleeces, or waterproof jacket or trousers that you no longer use?

Brand Director, Don Gladstone, at Granger’s states:

People regularly replace outdoor gear, often because they think their old garments don’t work as they used to…However they can’t bring themselves to throw out old kit so perfectly good garments get left in the cupboard. This new initiative combines sustainability with raising money for charity. Cleaning and re-proofing with Granger’s restores garments to ‘as-new’ performance, extending their useful life, while providing an income stream for Oxfam.

About Granger’s

Granger’s specialise in waterproofing, cleaning  and protecting outdoor clothing and gear.

Established in 1937, Granger’s claim to have become the first company to produce environment-friendly water-based waterproofing. Their principle of producing ecologically sound, high performance treatments continues to this day.

About Oxfam

According to an Oxfam survey, 99% of British people have heard of Oxfam but here is what their 3 main goals are:

  1. Oxfam campaigns hard, putting pressure on leaders for real lasting change to reduce poverty around the world.
  2. Poor people can take control, solve their own problems, and rely on themselves – with the right support. Oxfam funds long-term devlopment worldwide to fight poverty.
  3. Oxfam provides emergency relief for those who need it most.  Oxfam save lives, swiftly delivers aid, support and protection; in addition to helping people prepare for future crises.

The new campaign will be backed by specialist outdoor industry press, and we hope that other bloggers and people with media clout will follow this lead and help make this campaign a success.


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