Outdoor sports athlete looking for sponsorship?

Help getting sponsorship…

We realise it’s not easy breaking into the professional world of outdoor sports.  The British Mountaineering Council have been lobbying for many years for more funding and increased status of outdoor sports, so we know it’s not easy.

We can help you increase your profile…

If you’re an amateur outdoor sports person we might be able to give you the leg up that you need to increase your profile and get sponsored by one of the big outdoor brands out there. Being seen to be actively in the public limelight is a major advantage.

We can get up to 50,000 visitors or more through our site each month, so although we do not have the budgets to provide financial sponsorship, we will be more than happy to help you raise your profile by plugging your achievements, your ambitions, and anything else for that matter via the CheapTents.com blog!

For example, we posted profiles about climber Paul Roberts when he contacted us, after reading this post!

Already Sponsored?

If you are already sponsored by an outdoor gear manufacturer, then why not increase your profile some more and blog for us?!  It will help keep them sweet by providing ongoing exposure in a very prominent way and encourages their continued support.  Sounds good doesn’t it?

Mountain Bike Rider Sponsorship?

Cross country mountain biker, downhill mountain biker or road racer?  Get in touch!

Source: Flickr, Marilia Almeida

Trail Running Sponsorship?

You might be an endurance runner, ultramarathon runner or adventure runner.  Get in touch!

Triathalon Sponsorship?

Runner, swimmer and rider?  Maybe your triathlons include alternative sports, such as kayaking?  Get in touch!

Mountaineering Sponsorship?

Expeditions, travel and summitting mountains is not cheap, and sponsorship is not easy to get hold of so increase your exposure by blogging on the CheapTents.com blog!

Source: Flickr, Ikerenders
Source: Flickr, Ikerenders

Climbing Sponsorship?

Free-climber, sports climber, boulderer, alpine, ice, big wall climber?  Get in touch!

Worldwide Travel?

Maybe you want to raise awareness to international news, provide advice, or share travelling tips.  Get in touch!

Get in touch!

If all this sounds perfect for you and you’re more than happy to provide an insight into your sporting life, then by all means get in touch with a mini-bio and some achievements you’ve had to date, at daniel[at]cheaptents.com (replace [at] with @).

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10 thoughts on “Outdoor sports athlete looking for sponsorship?

  1. Hi my name is Mark Gillott I am a young ambitious climber who is looking for someone to support me and help me flourish in a sport that I love. I do eventually intend to do some large climbs I just need that little push in the right direction.
    Every one has a dream, a vision and a cause and as complicated, common or over the top it may seem I do wish to set foot on Everest’s summit in the name of “Help the Heroes” a charity set up to help the injured and wounded soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq.
    Any people with interest in me please get in touch.


    1. Thanks for your comment Mark. If you want to raise money for “Help for Heroes” and want to get in touch with Mark please send an e-mail to us using the address at the top of this page and we will forward it on to Mark.


  2. On the 31st of July 2010 I will be undertaking the Welsh 3000’s challenge for both the Huntington ’s Disease association & the Alzheimer’s Association.

    In order to complete the Welsh 3000s Challenge I am required to summit the top of all 15 of the mountains over 3000 ft in Wales, within the space of 24 hours, without using any form of transport.

    The route itself is about 28 miles with roughly 3500 meters of ascent and takes in the following summits over 3 distinct mountain ranges:

    Snowdon Massif: Snowdon (1,085 m), Garnedd Ugain (1,065 m), Crib Goch (923 m)

    Glyderau: Elidir Fawr (924 m), Y Garn (947 m), Glyder Fawr (999 m), Glyder Fach (994 m), Tryfan (915 m), Castell y Gwynt (972m)

    Carneddau: Pen yr Ole Wen (978 m), Carnedd Dafydd (1,044 m), Carnedd Llewelyn (1,064 m), Yr Elen (962 m), Foel Grach (976 m), Foel-fras (942 m)

    After camping on the summit of Snowdon the night before the challenge, I will be setting off at first light & cracking on until the job is done, hopefully within the 17 hour target time I have set myself.

    I am fairly new to hill walking, taking in my first peak (snowdon) just under 2 years ago.

    Any help, guidance, donations etc. would be much appreciated.

    Many thanks

    Craig Robson


    1. Good luck with the challenge Craig!

      Its going to be physically though climbing all 15 peaks in 17 hours, so our best advice would be to pace yourself and make sure you have plenty of high energy snacks.

      If anybody else has any good advice for Craig please leave a comment, especially if you have done the Welsh 3000s Challenge yourself.

      Here is a little information about the diseases, and links to the associations that Craig is raising money for.

      Huntington’s disease (HD) is an hereditary disorder of the central nervous system. The symptoms of Huntington’s disease usually develop when people are between 30-50 years old and include uncontrollable muscular movements, lack of concentration, short-term memory lapses and changes of mood. For more information please visit the Huntington’s Disease Association website.

      Alzheimer’s disease is a brain disorder which destroys brain cells, causing memory loss and problems with thinking. Alzheimer’s gets worse over time, and it is fatal. For more information please visit the Alzheimer’s Association website.


  3. Well we’re quite young rider from Nepal but we’ve experience about the riding over the down hill,off road,dirty road on road trip we had cleared a 2000km. So we’re quite young in cycling but we’ve confidence to do some more adventurous and extreme.This time we’re planning to go over the 18000 ft 5545 meter over there Everest Base Camp (EBC) from there we will do a down hill its a high risk but we can do it.so may it could be a world record too, so it might be the 1st time mountain bike over the 18000ft and we’re trying to give message that ice is melting down because of Global Warming,for all those we really need a some good, strong full suspension Mountain bikes for our expedition tour to Everest Base camp and for the company who’ll provide us a Mountain Bikes and Equipments it would be there advertisement about the Products too and it will be a good message for the people around the world that Ices are Melting Down Because of Global Warming so we should effort to control it by our sides.So We greatly expect that Some of companies will provide us a Mountain Bikes and Equipments.And We heartily like to thanks a cheaptents.com too.


  4. Hi I’m Yogesh…! Mr Dilip Kotecha who’s is a leading Para Gilding Pilot in India is attempting a FREE FALL JUMP FROM A TANDEM PARAGLIDER IN INDIA FOR “FIRST TIME”.
    Looking for a sponsorship of 2 lac rupees [approx. £300] for purchasing the Tandem Paraglider…
    The attempt will be carried out in Shimla in last week of Jul 2010…
    waiting for some adventure lover to contribute…


    please contact



  5. my name is shaun and im a indoor/outdoor climber looking for sponsorship and a profile to help promote my climbing im will to take sponsorships for free NO MONEY WANTED  in help  of promoting my self a little
    please call me on 07977726653
    or email at shaundakin1992@hotmail.co.uk



  6. My name is Adam Moorcroft. I am 17yrs old and studying outdoor education at college at the moment. Iam a keen canoeist having been on the England canoe slalom race and training team for many years. I have taken a year out from slalom as I am now playing canoe polo, pushing my white water paddling along with pursuing my passion for the outdoors. I am at a point where I feel I need a bit of backing by sponsors to help me get to where I want to be as I am starting to struggle. The reason why you should sponsor me is that I am super keen to promote outdoor sports and company’s brand along with my own career. Due to my course and sports I am involved in I am in constant contact with potential customers. I was described by Desperate Measures canoe shop as “an excellent asset to any business in his chosen career path.”

    Any sponsorship would be a massive help no matter how big or small.

    Contact me on adam.moorcroft96@gmail.com


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