Are you a heavyweight, lightweight or ultralight?

You may remember, a while ago we wrote this fun quiz asking whether you are serious about reducing the weight of your backpack, when out running, walking, climbing or riding, asking: are you a lightweight?

Ultralight Specialists

Years and years of working in the outdoor industry, has led us into our very own niche…one that we proudly can say that we are probably the biggest and best and doing what we do: selling the lightest gear at reduced prices, throughout the year. No seasonal discounting for us – low prices all year!

One of the best things about working here is that I am exposed to so much outdoor gear, that all you outdoor junkies out there would be drooling over!!  Better yet, is that all the ultralight and lightweight gear around me is by some of the best and most trusted brands in the industry.  It’s quite a privilege, I must say!

Outdoor Sports

Outdoor sports across the board can benefit from lightweight and ultralight equipment.  Many of whom need their gear with them in case the weather changes, or, because they are en route to their next camping site.  However few people consider the weight of the gear they are going to be putting into their backpack and carrying with them.  If you’re into any of the following outdoor activities / sports, maybe you should consider lightweight gear as your next replacement:

  • Mountain Biking / Cross Country Cycling / Commuting
  • Mountain Marathons / Adventure Running / Trail Running / Fell Running
  • Walking / Hiking / Backpacking / Travel
  • Climbing / Mountaineering / Orienteering / Expeditions

Not just tents!

Our specialist area has always tents, it’s even in our title.  I must say though, that we are certainly no longer just tents, and are well beyond being so, with a range of outdoor sports gear to make a life-times worth of Christmas wishlists!

But if you are looking for a lightweight tent, maybe you should be looking at the ultralight tents too.

Lighter than lightweight gear

Lightweight camping, travel and outdoor sports need the same capabilities that you would expect from ‘normal’ weight gear but trimmed down / cut down / hack-sawed down, to be that perfect weight.  No excess, no extras, no frills, no cosmetics, just pure functionality.  For this reason we’ve provided a range of ultralight gear advice for those seeking to reduce the weight of their rucksack or backpack.

Ultralight camping gear


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