Scottish Natural Heritage Provides Eco-Camping Tips

Last month, the Scottish Natural Heritage announced that it was going to help the outdoor community via a trickle down affect.  Simply put, the Scottish Natural Heritage were going to teach 10 of the top outdoor instructors about being green and more specifically about being environmentally friendly when out camping.

Leave No Trace Camping Education

Myles Farnbank, senior guide for Wilderness Scotland, is delivering the certificated workshops inline with Scotland’s Outdoor Access Code and the Institute of Outdoor Learning.

Mr Farnbank said:

The workshops will help outdoor instructors identify activities and behaviour which might cause damage or pollution, and demonstrate ways to minimise impact and remove any traces of camping activity.

Environmentally Friendly Wild Camping

Scotland’s access legislation allows “wild camping” on most unenclosed land as long as it’s away from other established commercial campsites, but the Scottish Natural Heritage is now reminding campers of their responsibility to leave the countryside as unblemished by their visit as possible.

The BBC (amongst other news broadcasters) have commented on a number of instances where cases of antisocial and careless behaviour at wild camping sites raised concerns after some locations were affected by large fires, vandalism, abandoned rubbish and equipment along with pollution from unburied human waste.

Share your thoughts…

This certainly got us thinking, is there anything you would like to see more (or less) of, to help maintain the countryside’s beauty and reduce damage in an environmentally friendly way?  Whether in Scotland, England or Wales, share your thoughts with others by commenting below…

You might also enjoy reading the article promoting green outdoor activity throughout the week, along with the Oxfam outdoor gear recycling appeal.


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