Brasher hillwalking boots grow in popularity…

We all know that Brasher make some of the best hillwalking boots available, and now they can prove it.  The increasingly popular brand of walking boots announced record sales for September, making their sales count an exceptional 87% up on the same time last year…quite popular indeed, especially considering the prevailing economic conditions!

Working for an outdoor shop, I can see that Brasher are certainly amongst our best selling hiking boots, quite a tribute to the brand we feel as there are so many excellent walking boots out there!
Increasing investment in product development and marketing are behind the growth, according to Brasher’s Managing Director Andy Loeber who adds:

“In the testing economic climate, it is rewarding to see that we are driving the brasher brand to a broader consumer base. Our objective is to excel in all areas of product development, marketing and customer service, and our dedication to supply solutions to the specific UK consumer needs is gaining Brasher a significant edge.”

About Brasher Walking Boots & Footwear

Did you know that Chris Brasher, the Gold Medal winning 300m steeple chase runner, founded Brasher, after struggling to answer why walking boots aren’t as comfortable as running shoes.  50 years on, many feel that they are!

Chris Brasher’s career has followed various avenues, from master-minding the London Flora marathon in 1980, to BBC sports correspondent and even a racehorse owner.  And of course his very successful growth of Brasher walking boots.

From the brasher website:

At brasher, the great outdoors is our driving passion. We’ve come a long way since Chris Brasher had his flash of inspiration on the Roof of Wales and yet we still remain true to the very same lightweight comfort philosophy.

With an authentic, grass roots heritage and unrivaled history in technical innovation we are able to be who we are today – market leaders in outdoor leisure footwear, creating the ultimate walking performance – anywhere.

Best Walking Boots, Simple

What we’ve found is that hiking in the best walking boots is the best thing you can ever, ever do!  It makes the whole day (and following day!) much more enjoyable and more enticing to go again and again.  And just look how beautiful Britain’s most popular walking boots are…

Britains Best Selling Walking Boots
Britain's Best Selling Walking Boots

Walking Boots Advice

If your looking for advice on walking or hiking boots you can read our advice pages or alternatively there’s more outdoor footwear tips here.

And by all means, feel free to contact us, as we’re happy to help you choose a lovely pair of walking boots or even provide help on maintaining them.  Or leave your comments below…


3 thoughts on “Brasher hillwalking boots grow in popularity…

  1. My old Brashers took my right across the country on Wainwright’s Coast to Coast a few years ago. I’m sure that without them, my feet would never have carried me all that way! And yes, they did get dipped in both the Irish and North seas!


  2. …what a way to test them! That is some serious walking that you did there.

    I hope you did have a couple of breaks though?!

    Brasher Hillmaster’s do the job that they were designed for really very well. It’s funny how rarely we say those words…I’m at risk of saying the old line: “things aren’t made like they used to be” – well it appears that Brasher’s are…


  3. I wish I could say the same about both pairs of Brasher Azuma Boots that I bought as both pairs started to leak after 4 weeks of every day wear.

    They are over priced and over rated.

    Ive now bought a pair of Scarpa boots.


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