Terra Nova Chopsticks for Lightweight Camping

Lightweight Cooking Accessories

Why bother lugging that heavy knife, fork and spoon or spork up a mountain when you can take chopsticks instead? Manufactured by Terra Nova, these stainless steel chopsticks are the ideal lightweight eating equipment.

You can always find room to fit these in your pack and they’re lighter than a fork and spood set. Ideal for boil in the bag foods and camping favouites like rice, noodles and pasta.

Terra Nova Chopsticks
Terra Nova Chopsticks

Plus they have the added advantage that if you are not proficient in using chopsticks, you can amuse your friends by dropping food all over your lap!

If you’re considering taking chopsticks on your next trek or expedition, why not test yourself in our “Are you a lightweight?” quiz? [Sorry, quiz not available at present.]

Lightweight and Lighthearted!

Terra Nova Chopsticks would make a great light hearted yet practical stocking filler or Christmas present!

Terra Nova Spork
Terra Nova Spork

What About Sporks?

The Spork, a combination of a fork and spoon, is another fine piece of lightweight eating equipment that should not be over-looked when choosing between eating equipment! Cooking equipment for camping and cookware can be found on our cooking accessories pages.

Chopsticks, Spork or Knife, Fork and Spoon?

What would you rather eat with? Let us know, using the “comments” link below!

And just for fun here are some YouTube videos of people playing chopsticks on the piano…


I’m sure that this second clip isn’t actually chopsticks, but the piano is in a field…



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