Armed Forces Exercise Khumbu Challenge, Nepal

Royal Naval Mountaineering Expedition

Click this link for an update on Exercise Khumbu Challenge.

Exercise Khumbu Challenge is an armed forces mountaineering expedition to climb peaks around the foothills of Mount Everest, Nepal. Taking place in October / November 2009 it will involve 85 personnel from the Royal Navy and Royal Marines, including those wounded or traumatised in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Prince Harry is the royal patron of Exercise Khumbu Challenge, which he launched at Devonport Naval Base earlier this month.

Among the personnel taking part in the mountaineering exercise are Marines Ben McBean and Mark Ormrod. Both of whom were injured in Afghanistan and have lost limbs as a result of their injuries. Marine McBean is looking forward to the challenge and said that:

“This expedition will show that even if you are injured fighting in Afghanistan then there is still a future in the Royal Marines. We are not forgotten, but can still work in the marines and also undertake a strenuous mountaineering challenge.”

Sir Jonathan Band, military patron of Exercise Khumbu Challenge said:

“This is a fantastic challenge. Some of these people have suffered some really rough luck serving their country doing what they can in the war. Now they will be facing this huge mountain, I wish them all the best.”

We would also like to wish all the team members every success for what will be tough yet rewarding challenge. These brave personnel are an inspiration!

More details about mountaineering Exercise Khumbu Challenge can be found on the Royal Navy Website.


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