Gore-Tex Pro Shell Technology for Waterproof Clothing

What makes the best outdoor gear the best, is the way it performs.  For people serious about their outdoor gear, it’s usually because they are testing it in ways that you would think it is designed for.  Outdoor sports clothing is a specifically designed for it’s purpose ad one of the items of gear that has been so popular this year has been the Gore-Tex Pro Shell waterproof jackets.  You might also want to check out the outdoor clothing advice section.

Gore-Tex have replaced their Gore-Tex XCR technology with the new and improved Gore-Tex Pro Shell technology.  We’ve seen it across a number of jackets so far this year, and the feedback had been very good indeed.

Gore-Tex Pro Shell Makes Excellent Waterproof Clothing

The Gore-Tex Pro Shell looks like this, although there’s more detail in the image and description below…

Gore-Tex Pro Shell

How it Gore-Tex Pro Shell works

This new, patent-pending technology improves internal abrasion and snag resistance, enhances garment breathability and decreases weight. It also allows the garment to slide easily over mid-layers.

  • GORE™ Micro Grid Backer Technology
  • GORE™ Comfort Mapping® Technology
  • Extreme Wet Weather Construction
  • Construction ARMACOR® Product Technology

GORE™ Micro Grid Backer Technology

This new, patent-pending technology improves internal abrasion and snag resistance, enhances garment breathability and decreases weight. It also allows the garment to slide easily over mid-layers.  This is especially important for versatility and freedom of movement, important for a variety of outdoor sports.  Just think of a climber stretch for their next grip or a walker trying to access a side pocket in their rucksack without removing it – this is an easily overlooked feature of a jacket but suprisingly important.

GORE™ Comfort Mapping® Technology

Viewing the human body as a map with several different climatic zones, specific GORE-TEX® Fabrics are uniquely combined to increase breathability, comfort, warmth and/or fit, precisely where needed most.  This makes the jacket great for those outdoro sports athletes that are exerting their energy, causing sweat,

Extreme Wet Weather Construction

Garments engineered to pass our most aggressive rain test. They deliver superior protection against extended wet weather conditions through the use of advanced garment construction techniques.

ARMACOR® Product Technology

Thanks to its patented lattice structure with an integrated Kevlar® core this technology offers extreme tear and abrasion resistance yet lighter weight. Incorporated into a GORE-TEX® Pro Shell motorcycling jacket, it will protect enthusiastic motorcyclists in the event of a fall. This means safety and enhanced comfort – in all weather conditions.

Gore-Tex Pro Shell Construction

  • Engineered with the most rugged, tear- and abrasion-resistant fabrics on the market
  • 2-layer construction: a specific GORE-TEX® membrane is laminated to the inside of the outer material. The inside of the membrane is protected by a separate lining
  • 2-layer insulated construction: the heat-insulation layer is is suspended freely between the 2-layer laminate and inside lining
  • 3-layer construction: a specific high-performance GORE-TEX® membrane bonded to a tough outer material and a specially developed robust inner lining
  • Special GORE-SEAM® tape technology ensures all seams are 100% waterproof
Here’s how the technology works in a little more detail:
Gore-Tex Pro Shell Technology

Gore-Tex Pro Shell has some great benefits too:

GORE-TEX® PRO SHELL is the optimum solution for outdoor professionals and serious enthusiasts, who need to face extreme weather and tough conditions.  PRO SHELL is made with the most rugged, most breathable, durably waterproof and windproof fabrics.

  • Meets the demands of outdoor professionals and serious enthusiasts
  • Engineered to excel in extended and extreme conditions – extreme cold and wet conditions can be punishing conditions on fabric but with clothing technology
  • Extremely tough, extremely breathable, durably waterproof and windproof – ideal for a wide range of outdoor sports including use as a mountaineering or climbing jacket.
  • The Pro Shell technology is available in 2- and 3-layer constructions: 2 layers are supple and quiet; 3 layers are for extra-rugged use.

One of our most popular technologies

For these reasons, it’s why we’re seeing increasing number of sales made for this highly technical waterproof jacket.  It’s versatility and durability makes it’s very versatile indeed, but that does not mean to say it’s the best choice.  There are other breathable waterproof jackets, including Lowe Alpine’s Triplepoint, Sprayway’s Hydro Dry, Trekmates DRY, and The North Face’s HyVent and Berghaus’ Aquafoil of course.  Don’t forget to check-out the range of women’s waterproof jackets too.

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