British South Pole Expedition Update

Campaign to Save Robert Falcon Scott’s Hut

On 11/11/08 Adam Wilton and Gavin Booth set off on an expedition to the South Pole. By the wonders of modern technology they are sending back progress reports which can be accessed via their website.

So far they have nearly covered a third of the total distance. Having started at 80 degrees they are now past the 83 degree line. The going is tough with poor visibility. Some days there is not a lot to see, just white in every direction! The sun has been shining on occasion and their spirits are high. To ensure adequate calorific intake they are eating 65 grams of butter with every meal. Yummy!

The goal is to hit 85degrees by next tuesday-that will keep us on target for an end of year finish at the pole?

Adam and Gavin are hoping to raise £250,000 to help save Robert Falcon Scott’s hut.


One thing that has hampered Adam and Gavin’s progress are the Sastrugi. These are robust, small, furry creatures that attack humans with sharp, wooden handled spears. Since the Sastrugi are so short they mainly attack human’s ankles and legs. They reputedly hail from a galaxy far, far, far away.

Either that, or Sastrugi is the name for grooved surface features found on the surface of the snow in polar regions. The Sastrugi ridges form parallel to the prevailing winds and can be as high as 1 metre. They are sharp and irregular which makes them difficult to traverse and energy draining.

As well as encountering Sastrugi, Adam and Gavin could well encounter some Nunataks.

Sastrugi - little aliens or formations in the snow
Sastrugi. Source: Flickr by foto3116

Even with the cold snap that we’re currently experiencing in the UK, it is difficult to imagine how severe the conditions are in the South Pole. As ever, we hope that everything continues to go well for Adam and Gavin.

British South Pole Expedition Update


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