Mountain Bikers: Don't Eat Mud!

You Can’t Have Our Mud!

You may remember seeing Welsh Tourist Board adverts on television during the summer. The adverts featured a man extolling the many virtues of taking a holiday in Wales, he finished up by telling us that under no circumstances were we to take away any Welsh mud. Its “good mud” he proclaimed.

You Can Keep Your Mud!

Sheep droppings in mud makes mountain bikers ill
Guilty! Source: Flickr by foxypar4

On Monday the BBC reported that “mud contaminated with sheep droppings may have caused 161 mountain bikers to fall ill”, according to a report by The National Public Health Service for Wales (NPHSW).

The report was produced after it was found that a number of mountain bikers who entered the Builth Wells Mountain Biking Marathon had subsequently suffered from vomiting and diarrhoea.

The report recommended that in future the mountain bike course should avoid passing through fields with sheep droppings and that participants should eat out of wrappers to help prevent accidentally ingesting harmful bacteria.

Mountain Bikers: Don't Eat Mud


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