British South Pole Expedition Update 4

Onto the Antarctic Plateau

On 11/11/08 Adam Wilton and Gavin Booth set off on an expedition to the South Pole. Adam and Gavin are well past 88 degrees now. Man hauling their sleds for a staggering 10.5 hours per day they are becoming tired and hungry. They are losing weight and feeling the cold.

We are now properly on the plateaux though, so flatter terrain. Both glad to tick off another day.

Their height on the plateau is about 2700 meters, 1000 meters of which they climbed in the past week. Fortunately there is only another 135 meters left for them to climb to the South Pole.

In terms of distance, they have covered over 900 km and now have less than 200 km to go.

They are hoping to reach the South Pole by New Year’s day.

Adam and Gavin are hoping to raise £250,000 to help save Robert Falcon Scott’s hut.


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