FREE! Expedition & Outdoor Sports Desktop Wallpapers

The computers here at are full of images of explorations and adventures that the manufacturers have sponsored.  And so we thought it might be helpful to collate a few links to a few of these wallpapers in case you want something pretty on your desktop!  Here’s a few kindly provided by The North Face and Mountain Equipment.

The North Face Wallpapers

You can find some truly amazing wallpapers to fit your screen size here.

The North Face Wallpaper 1: Dark Himalayan Mountains

Screen Resolutions:

Renan Ozturk, PakistanThe North Face Wallpaper 2:  Renan Ozturk in Trango Region, Pakistan

Screen Resolutions:

Tim Keple, Balancing ActThe North Face Wallpaper 3: Tim Kemple, Balancing Act, Pakistan

Screen Resolutions:

Mountain Equipment Wallpapers

If you are looking for The North Face or Mountain Equipment clothing or tents, do of course visit the outdoor shop…here you’ll find everything discounted (we’d like to call them special offers but as the prices are discounted all year round it’s not exactly special!).  Although if you are looking for special offers click here!


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