Lover or Hater of Walking Poles?

Some people call them trekking poles or hiking poles, but in these parts we call them hiking poles!  What are your thoughts on walking poles?  Do you love them or hate them?

The Walking Pole Poll!

Live for the Outdoors has put together a poll on whether you love or hate walking poles?

At the time of writing, LFTO’s poll states that 81% of people do indeed love walking poles.  Leaving just about 1 in 5 hating them.

That leaves us with a challenge!

As we are such a big advocates of using the best walking poles you can afford, we want to convert those to see the value of such tools to walking (i.e. not burdens or irritants, but TOOLS!)

Why Walking Poles are the Best!

There’s a helpful introduction to help with choosing a walking pole here, as well as stacks more outdoor advice here…but if you want to hear a persuasive comment regarding choosing walking poles it’s frompeaksoft, a member of the LFTO blog:

There has been plenty of research on the physical benefits of using a well set-up pole properly. From my point of view, the main benefit is to take the strain off my lead knee when I’m going downhill. This really does help to maintain my physical well-being.

It’s also helpful when going over a style – just use the pole to make the first contact and take some of the weight on the far side. The jar when hitting the ground when crossing awkward or high styles can do serious damage.

Obviously use it as a third leg when conditions are bad underfoot, and it’s brilliant when edging along a narrow firm strip beside a load of gunge – just plonk the end of the pole in the gunge to take the weight and keep your feet on the firm ground.

It’s a great defense against aggressive animals…and it stops me putting at least one hand in my pocket.  🙂

…it’s a great example of someone using a walking pole in a variety of ways that aids them enjoy walking in the places and the style that they like.

The best walking poles are the ones that are the most resilient, comfortable to use and the right size, but if you are interested in reading about more features of walking poles feel free to click on the link.

What are your thoughts?  Lover or hater of walking poles?


3 thoughts on “Lover or Hater of Walking Poles?

  1. On no less than two separate occasions whilst in the Peak District, once on Saddleworth Moor and the other time near Edale, I have been the source of some amusement because of my walking poles. The walking poles in question are Leki Makalu Classic. They are a standard walking pole design and there is nothing unusual about them.

    “Where are your skis?!” heckled passers-by when I was walking down the trail, with my poles, minding my own business. Obviously I laughed so much at this witty comment that my sides split. I gave the hecklers an unamused stony stare and carried on my way. 😉

    Does anyone else receive this kind of comment whilst out hiking with their walking poles?


  2. Yes, my partner and I do all the time especially round Maidenhead where we live. It seems “normal” folk do not realise the benefits of pole usage, but what the heck, we know better eh!


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