Strathpuffer 24 Hour Mountain Bike Race

The Strathpuffer 24 is the world’s only winter 24 hour MTB race with 17 hours of darkness.  A truly punishing race for those with a strong temperament to push themselves around the clock.

The course looks something like the following:

Click on image to zoom in
Click on image to zoom in

…it’s actually a little shorter than the course in the image, as each lap is about 11km but each year it’s slightly different.

Who’s it suitable for?

It’s suitable for advanced and very experienced mountain bikers.  Those with a good level of fitness and excellent endurance.  This is really not a race for the feint-hearted!

About 500 mountain bikers now take part with a growing waiting list to endure whatever is thrown at them!

The Strathfuffer 24 is open to entrants to compete solo, or as teams of two or four, cycling non-stop around an 11k loop of unrelenting hilly trails.

Course Conditions

In the heart of winter, just North of Inverness you can expect whole-heartedly poor conditions – really abysmal.  Don’t be surprised by snow, torrential rain, ice or fog – be prepared!

Ice covers much of the Strathpuffer 24 race course with heavy mud covering the remaining parts.  This is a serious race with some very serious conditions to content with.

The Strathpuffer 24 Rules

  • Riders must compete on pedal bikes using human power.
  • Riders cannot accept outside mechanical assistance or parts on the course except from other competitors
  • Riders may accept outside assistance and change parts at the designated service area.
  • Only one rider per team may compete at the same time.
  • Riders must ‘dib’ at the control on every completed lap.
  • Any riders/teams retiring must contact an official as soon as possible.
  • All riders must carry emergency food supplies, a whistle, a survival blanket and an emergency light.
  • All riders must carry or wear appropriate clothing for warmth in the event.
  • All riders must carry a first aid kit.
  • All competitors under 16 years must provide written permission from their parents.

*Failure to observe the rules or any action deemed to be outwith the spirit of the event may result in penalty or disqualification.

Will you be taking part?!

17/18th January 2009
Start: 10.00am Saturday
Event Centre, Torachilty Forest, Contin, Scotland

Read more at the Strathpuffer 24 website.


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