Duncan Tunstall: taking on a new climbing challenge

Climber, Duncan Tunstall, is currently fighting against a debilitating brain tumour and will be heading out to South America on a true climbing adventure.

New Climbing Route

Duncan and his team will be tackling a new route that has developed up the unclimbed summits of either Monte Roncagli or Monte Bove, which can be found on an island on the southernmost tip of South America.

Standing at around 7,500ft, they are not the highest he has climbed but their changeable weather systems and isolated location means they have not proven popular with walkers.  Duncan however is not deterred.

Berghaus Sponsorship

Berghaus have kindly made him a guest climber on their team of sponsored professionals.  They will be providing all the gear he will need to take on this unclimbed mountain.  Duncan’s adventures will be followed on Berghaus’ website.  Duncan states:

After the diagnosis I expected that I’d be left with no choice but to reduce my activities considerably.  However, I am lucky enough to have very supportive family and friends, and taking good advice from my doctors, I have been able to continue with my passion.  My objective is to show others that life can go on post diagnosis.

Previous Feats

Doctors told him they could not operate on the low-grade glioma because it would severely affect his mobility without increasing his life expectancy.

The keen climber has refused to let the illness beat him and has already scaled more than 50 Munros, several Alps and the 19,000ft Xiashe in China.


Duncan has previously said what benefits he has had from walking in Scotland:

What surprised me is how helpful just walking around Scottish hills is for lots of people who have a similar type of illness.

Well, all at CheapTents.com wish Duncan Tunstall all the best in his and his team’s climbing adventures!


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