Lightwave Tents & Accessories now on Sale!

We proudly announced just a couple of weeks ago that we would be selling Lightwave backpacking tents very soon…well the time has arrived to announce, that yes indeed, they are now up for sale in the camping shop.

Lightwave T1 Trek Tents

Lightwave is a UK company specialising in lightweight, highly functional tents and make some of the best backpacking tents available. So are an extra-special addition to our range of discounted tents.

Lightwave Tent Backpacking

Key features and uses of Lightwave tents include:

  • Great range of backpacking tents – lightweight and small pack-size tents that are great for squeezing into the bottom of your weekend backpack.
  • Expedition tents – can deal with snow conditions and materials can manage extra low temperatures.
  • More sturdy and durable than a typical family camping tent – creating a great level of piece-of-mind for parents who want to take their children.

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