SealSkinz Mountain Biking Gloves Review

I bought some SealSkinz Mountain Bike Gloves at the weekend and I’ve got to say, they are the best gloves I have ever had! So anyway, here’s my review of the SealSkinz Mountain Biking Gloves

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Really, they are the best waterproof mountain bike gloves, ever!

Gloves are quite a personal purchase in my opinion – you can see from the wide array of gloves on sale that they have so many different purposes and a whole range of technical and comfort features.

I’m quite excited about this purchase though, because I’ve only ever had toughened nylon backed, full-finger downhill / technical mountain biking gloves – gloves that are not completely waterproof and certainly not warm enough for winter use, but have put up with them until I found some gloves that are truly excellent!

This is what the SealSkinz Mountain Bike gloves look like:

I have been told before that SealSkinz gloves have been one of the connoisseurs choices of waterproof gloves for quite some time, due in part to their phenomenal waterproof qualities and the reputation that SealSkinz socks have built-up.  But making gloves that are waterproof is easy compared to making them breathable and this is something that SealSkinz does very well too – competitively challenging many of the top brands in waterproofing and breathability independent tests.

SealSkinz Mountain Bike Gloves Technical Features

  • Using Porelle technology this glove offers superb fit, dexterity and padding for all weather use.
  • 100% waterproof and highly breathable.
  • Windproof gloves.
  • Nose wipe on the thumb.
  • Gel padding on palms to protect the pulmonary nerve from getting knocked.
  • A good level of insulation for added warmth.

Glove Bulkiness Vs Dexterity

Having gone from a reasonably tight fitting, nimble pair of mountain biking gloves, to these (what appear to be) much larger gloves I was surprised at how easily dexterous they are.

It was a concern, I have to say, that when I sat the gloves next to my others they look quite bulky, but in-use, they work perfectly well, and I disagree with reviews elsewhere that says that they are stiff (maybe they were reviewing an older version of the gloves, I don’t know?).

All Weather and Winter Gloves

They are classed as all weather gloves, which makes them very versatile, but having used them in freezing conditions (with a good deal of wind-chill) I am totally convinced that you could use them comfortably in all but the most severe winter conditions.

Other Features I like:

  • The long glove wrist is comfortable and protects my watch.
  • The gloves gel padding is perfectly comfortable against my handlebars grips, even for longer periods.
  • The gloves fingertips have an additional sticky, hard-wearing tips which are nicely placed for the breaks.
  • Hard-wearing nylon (I think) backs will take a battering from branches too.

Overall Conclusion

SealSkinz made there name from their infamous SealSkinz waterproof socks, and as I’ve found myself loving the gloves so much, I am certainly going to buy a pair of SealSkinz socks too!

They are a thorough-bread pair of waterproof, warm, technical gloves that comfortably span the seasons it appears; and although I have not tried them in warmer temperatures, I am looking forward to seeing how well they get on.  The main thing though is that they keep your hands dry, warm and comfortable against the grips – and they do this perfectly well!  I have known the joint at the base of my thumb to completely seize-up from not enough padding and these are perfectly comfortable so they get a BIG THUMBS UP for me!

SealSkinz Glove Size Measurement Guide

To help you buy the write size gloves for your needs, SealSkinz has provided a handy guide that you can print-off and use to measure your hands.  Although it might need be perfect for everyone’s preferences it will certainly help!

Sealskinz Glove Measurement Guide
SealSkinz Glove Measurement Guide: Click for Printable Version

Do you have a pair of SealSkinz gloves or socks? How do you rate their comfort, waterproofing and breathability? Have they withstood the test of time? Share your thoughts!


4 thoughts on “SealSkinz Mountain Biking Gloves Review

  1. couldn’t agree more. i bought a pair a fortnight ago and have used them for everything since, biking, walking, even skiing. very good for winter in general.


    1. Ho Joe,

      Totally agree! I’m intending on using mine when I go snow boarding to see how they live up to cold and wet conditions that way too. Nothing so far has made me think that they won’t live up to it though!

      Thanks for stopping by!



  2. I am eagerly awaiting delivery as I write this, having some 10 year old Fox Sidewinder gloves (that are still going strong) but are not suitable for winter riding.

    As far as other Sealskinz products, I bought some socks for very wet ride. I really hate having wet feet, so I was dismayed to realize that during a downpour, they just filled up with water !! Eurck!


    1. Hi Dave,

      Thanks for commenting – very funny!

      I haven’t got a pair of socks just yet but am looking forward to getting them. I guess the fact that the SealSkinz socks filled-up with water highlights how waterproof they really are, in a way!

      Ceiling the tops of the socks off, gently with elastic or tape is probably a good idea (but I guess you’ve learnt your lesson now!), and/or covering the socks with longer trousers (although many riders – myself included – infrequently where full-length trousers if they can avoid it!).

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your SealSkinz stories!



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