UK's Snow Fall is greatest in 18 Years – wrap-up warm!

It’s the second day of to the worst spell of snow that the UK has had in 18 years.

Changeable Weather Systems

Knowing how changeable the UK weather is getting now it’s worth being mindful of what emergency equipment you have in the boot of your car. There’s no doubt that people should be prepared with the correct warm, winter clothing, but so too should they be prepared for if their car breaks-down or if they are stuck waiting for a bus or train.

Check the Weather Reports

Ensure you check the weather reports before you leave of course, but remember that it is always worth taking an extra layer as a spare in case the temperature or other weather conditions change.

Weather Report Reliability

Weather reports do not predict the weather they provide guidance of what is likely but not guaranteed.  Weather systems can also be different at a local-level compared to the general regional level that TV weather reports typically predict.

3-layer system for warmth and waterproofing

It’s these kind of weather systems that hopefully make sure you leave the house prepared and wearing the right gear for the conditions (and a little more).  That typically means a 3-layer clothing system, something that is

UK February Snow
UK February Snow by Ben Sutherland, Flickr

Rant: ‘When I was a Lad’

I still remember far worst snow in the heights of Sheffield’s winter back in 1991, ‘when I was a lad’! However, as the winters are becoming more unpredictable it does seem to me that having the right outdoor equipment is all the more important.

The general gist of all this is be prepared, wear the best outdoor gear you can afford for the conditions and learn about what is necessary to get by safely and comfortably.

Further Outdoor Advice

We have a whole range of advice pages including camping gear lists, camping advice and a whole host of other outdoor activities advice.  Or alternatively feel free to give us a call: 01925 411 385.


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