Multimap does Ordnance Survey Maps

The UK’s favourite maps, Ordnance Survey, can now be viewed digitally via Multimap’s online website.

Ordnance Survey LandRanger and Explorer Maps

Not only do they offer the LandRanger scale of maps but also the (1:50,000 scale maps) but also Explorer maps too (1:25,000 scale maps).

Searchable Ordnance Survey Maps

If you know you are heading to the Lakes to stay at a friends and intend on going for a walk whilst there, you can

Draggable Ordnance Survey Maps

These Ordnance Survey maps are draggable which means that you can quickly and easily view large chunks of land across, for instance, a straight line.  Why would this be helpful?  Let’s say that you wanted to suss-out whether or not you fancied doing the Trans Pennine Trail this year.  Instead of buying 3 or 4 maps and sitting them next to each other, all you would have to do is drag the window left or right and the next part of the route will become visible.

Embed Maps into your website or blog

If you’ve been walking or riding at the weekend and intend on blogging about it, ordnance survey maps are a great way of impressing your readers about the inclines you had to tackle or the distance you covered.

There are disadvantages of this sort of mapping in that the window you have to view your map is very small, this makes it difficult to see local landmarks in surrounding areas in relation to a certain point.  You can zoom in and out but it is a bit inconvenient at times so nothing beats a proper, big paper map that you can ruffle through with your hands!

Integrated Ordnance Survey Maps

As the Ordnance Survey maps are integrated into the Multimap website, it means that you can view an area in all different styles:

Example of the Ordnance Survey Map on Multimap

Example of the Typical Multimap Map Style

Example of the Aerial View Map on Multimap

Get your own Multimap here.  There’s also a helpful comparison of online mapping tools and route planners here, and another to measure the distance of your walk, run or ride here.


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