Everest Chocolate Sherpas!

If you were preparing a trip up Mount Everest you would probably want to take with you a few pieces of chocolate to keep your energy and spirits up. But you probably wouldn’t take 200 kg of fine Belgian chocolate up to Mount Everest Base Case and then hand it out to everybody there. Just to get this in perspective, 200 kg is equivalent to 3200 Mars Bars. Or 51 and half The North Face Mountain 25 tents.

Sherpa’s Belgian Chocolate Give-away!

If you were a Chocolate Sherpa, you would you have a different opinion about lugging 200 kg of Belgian Chocolate up to Mount Everest Base Camp. A team of four adventurers, led by the Belgian expeditionist Louis-Philippe Loncke have done just that. The Chocolate Sherpas as they are known, are raising money for a mobile hospital to help the people in remote areas of Nepal.

Many regions of Nepal are inaccessible through roads and thus providing care in these poor areas is a complicated task. People are unable to reach the capital, because of the cost and time of such a travel. Thanks to the mobile hospital, it will be possible to provide general and specialized care.

The expedition is a 400 km trek between Kathmandu and the Everest Base Camp, to organize a chocolate tasting event at 5350 m – the highest in the world! Half of the chocolate was distributed to porters and Sherpas on the journey and the other half was used for the chocolate tasting.

The Chocolate Sherpa team consists of:

  1. Louis-Philippe Loncke, 32, Belgian
    (leader, originator of the project, photographer, cameraman, communications)

  2. Norbert Eggermont, 24, Belgian
    (photographer, cameraman, communications, diplomacy, translator)

  3. Joseph de Mahieu, 18, Belgian
    ( cameraman, drawings, communications)

  4. Jeremy Roumian, 24, French
    (Logistics, Communications, homebase coordinator)

For more information about the expedition visit the Chocolate Sherpa blog.


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