Snugpak Sleeping Bags Round Up

Snugpak Sleeping Bags Win Queens Award

Before commencing the round up, congratulations are in order for Snugpak. A Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the International Trade category has been given to Snugpak! The sleeping bag manufacturer, who still manufacture in the UK, won the award for increasing their export business by 77% since 2006. They export to 28 different countries across the world, from Latvia to Australia and to the USA. Over 50% of Snugpak’s total production sold overseas.

We are thrilled to receive this award as recognition of our hard work and success at developing high quality, durable products that can withstand rigorous use in harsh and sometimes extreme conditions throughout the world.

Proclaimed Snugpak Sales Director Darren Burrell.

Snugpak: From Birds of Prey to Big Softies have been selling Snugpak sleeping bags on the internet since we first set up our online shop in 2001. Back in the early 1990’s, long before the internet became an everyday media, we were selling Snugpak sleeping bags in our Warrington shop, The Adventure Centre. Below is a scanned image from our 1993 printed catalogue. In the olden days Snugpak’s synthetic sleeping bags were named after birds of prey: Merlin, Hawk and Kestrel. We also stocked the Osprey and the Discovery.

1993 Brochure - Snugpak Sleeping Bags
Our 1993 Brochure – Snugpak Sleeping Bags

Snugpak Sleeping Bag Round Up

The current Snugpak Sleeping Bag range that we stock is called the Softie Chyrsalis range. The name “Softie” refers to the synthetic fill material used in these sleeping bags. Synthetic sleeping bags offer good performance at a reasonable price. “Chrysalis” is the name is the baffle system which is used to prevent heat escaping, keeping the inside of the sleeping bag warm.

Softie Synthetic Fill Material

The fill material that Snugpak use for many of its sleeping bags is called “Softie”. Softie is a superfine, high-thermal, polyester filling which uses superfine yarns bound with special resins to produce a luxurious down like feel.  Softie is made from “staple yarns”, which is where a continuous fibre is chopped up into staple lengths before spinning. Additionally, a more random effect is created by using curled, crimped and unaltered fibres. By incorporating a random element into the yarn the end product more closely resembles the structure of natural down.

Softie is easy to care for, washable and retains a lot of its thermal properties when wet.

Snugpak Softie Range

The different bags in the Softie Chrysalis range that we currently stock are called the Winter, Autumn, Kilo and Micro. All of these sleeping bags feature the Chrysalis Baffle System, are profiled and have an anatomically designed foot system. They also have variable length and unique rolling systems.

The warmest sleeping bag in the range is the Softie Chrysalis Winter, with a comfort temperature of -10°C. This should be warm enough for use during the Winter in most places in the UK. For the weight conscious backpacker it is on the heavy side at 1950 grams, but this is not a problem if you do not have to carry it very far. With a relatively low price tag, it offers good value for all year round camping. The compressed pack size is 26 x 24 cm.

The Softie Chrysalis Autumn is a three season sleeping bag. With a comfort temperature of -5°C it can be used for camping most of year when conditions are mild. The compressed pack size is 21 x 19 cm, about the same size as a football.

With a comfort temperature of +7 °C the Softie Chrysalis Micro is a summer only sleeping bag. Compared to the warmer Autumn and Winter bags, the Micro is much lighter at 1000 grams.

Snugpak Softie Chrysalis Kilo Sleeping Bag

The Softie Chrysalis Kilo bag features “Reflectatherm“, which is a metallised fabric fill material that is designed to reflect heat and retain warmth, providing at least 15% additional warmth. Reflectatherm is a highly breathable material which adds little to the weight or packsize.

The outer material of the Kilo Bag is Paratex Micro, which is a tough yet breathable ripstop material with a water repellent finish. The inner is Paratex Light, a fabric that is exceptionally breathable and able to wick moisture away.

With a weight of 1300 grams, it is unclear why it is called the Kilo bag!

We also stock the Navigator sleeping bag, which has a cotton lining and can be opened up into a quilt. It also has an outside pocket.

Snugpak Sleeping Bag Comparison Table

Image Model Temperature (°C) Weight (g) Packed Size (cm)
Snugpak Softie Chrysalis Winter Sleeping Bag Softie Chrysalis Winter Sleeping Bag Comfort: -10

Low: -15

1950 26 x 24
Snugpak Softie Chrysalis Autumn Sleeping Bag Softie Chrysalis Autumn Sleeping Bag Comfort: -5

Low: -10

1400 21 x 19
Snugpak Navigator Sleeping Bag Navigator Sleeping Bag Comfort: -2

Low: -7

1700 22 x 21
Snugpak Kilo Sleeping Bag Softie Chrysalis Kilo Sleeping Bag Comfort: 2

Low: -3

1300 19 x 18
Snugpak Softie Chrysalis Micro Sleeping Bag Softie Chrysalis Micro Sleeping Bag Comfort: +7

Low: +2

1000 16 x 16

What do you think?

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One thought on “Snugpak Sleeping Bags Round Up

  1. Further to the news above that Snugpak have won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the International Trade category, HRH Princess Anne paid a visit to Snugpak’s Silsden factory on 30/10/09 to unveil a commemorative plaque to mark the occasion.

    Sales Director Darren Burrell said:

    Princess Anne’s visit was a culmination of a great year for Snugpak.


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