Trekmates Sit Mat, Salford City Reds & My Mum

How does The Salford City Reds Rugby League Team and my mum show the usefulness of one of the camping industries unsung heroes? Confused? Then read on…

We spend a lot of time in this industry, and in life lauding the most prominent, products and people. When Cheryl Cole wore a Berghaus Cascade GTX hat for Comic Relief, everyone wanted one. Thermarest released the NeoAir range in a blaze of industry publicity and demand outstriped supply. We demand innovation, new technology, cutting edge features and too often we all forget the unsung non-glamorous products and just take them for granted.

Well I would like to, pause and salute an unpretentious, ordinary, “does exactly what it says on the tin” piece of camping equipment, that my mum loves and given the choice, would probably swap my dad for.

Take a bow (imagine a drum roll please) the Trekmates Self Inflating Sit Mat.

Yes, A Trekmates Sit Mat

Many of us have used self-inflating mattresses and know that they aid a night’s rest by proividing insulation and comfort. How may of us have considered that the sit mat can be just as valuable a friend, not limited to out in the wilderness but for use around town.

I guess at this point you may be saying what is so good about a self inflating cushion?
It’s true they do not have the variety of uses as your average Swiss Army Knife, but in their favour they are lightweight, stow-able, quick to inflate/deflate, insulating and can be used anywhere.

A Trekmates Sit Mat, My Mum And The Salford City Reds

The Hard Seat And The Hero Of The Story
The Hard Seat And The Hero Of The Story

Take my mum for example, she is in no way shape or form, a camper or adventurer and that’s being polite, to her a tent is where a circus performs. (I hope she doesn’t read this). But her Trekmates Sit Mat is an essential companion when watching The Salford City Reds in Superleague.


  • Her plastic seat is hard
  • It’s uncomfortable
  • It can be cold
  • During and after a match her bum and back hurt
  • Consequently this can spoil her enjoyment of the game.

Cue her Trekmates Self Inflating Sit Mat coming to the rescue, rapid inflation in an instant a comfy warm seat. She can sit and cheer on the team in comfort, making the game and experience more enjoyable. Let’s be honest if you uncomfortable, sitting around for even a few minutes can seem like a life time. When the game is over she opens the valve, rolls the sit mat up into its stuff sack and then she puts it in her pocket or hand bag.

I only wish it was this simple to make Salford City Reds into a winning Rugby League team, it doesn’t even have to be every week, just most weeks, is it to much to ask for a trophy, just one big trophy please, just one big final before I die 😦 . Anyway I digress.

“When I sat on the seat without the mat it was really uncomfortable after a few minutes and I ended up with pains. I couldn’t really watch the match as I was moving around all the time to get comfy.

I can’t stand for long and have to sit down. The cushion Gareth got me (Its called a self inflating sit mat mum!), is great, it’s really light, comfy, fits into my bag and inflates quickly. It’s increased my enjoyment of the game no end, I just have to remember not to throw it on the pitch when Salford are playing rubbish!”

Source: My mum a happy sit mat user.

Just For Camping? I Don’t Think So

Getting back to the Self Inflating Sit Mat. We state they are ideal for camping or trekking, but what about other everyday scenarios where we have all been, and wished for somthing comfy to sit on.

  • Sports Events; such as football, rugby, cricket we have all I am sure paid top dollar for a plastic seat to watch our team. Its bad enough when they get beat (I’m use to it at Salford City Reds), to get beat and have aches is worse.
  • Other events such as festivals, parades, concerts etc.
  • School Sports Day; I bet all parents look forward to watching their children at sports day. I bet they all really look forward to watching it in those uncomfortable school chairs too!
  • The bus/train/tram is late (again) there is a steel bench at the stop but it’s so uncomfortable and cold, after two minutes you are standing up again.
  • I often see people talking a break during the day it may be during their dinner hour or they me be shopping, they will rest on a wall or low stone to enjoy the weather. Why not do it in some comfort with a sit mat?
  • How about for your child in school? Does being comfortable aid attention?

So Do You Still See JUST A Boring Self Inflating Cushion?

So the Trekmates Self Inlfating Sit Mat may not be sexy, it may not be bent double under the weight of industry rewards, nor does it have magazine reviewers pouring over it, its not expensive, waterproof or able to whistle Dixie. It just provides comfort, and for me, it makes my mum enjoy her rugby more and that’s priceless. It’s a true star, unpretentious, in the shadows, and doing its job.

Thanks to her Sit Mat, my mum has a great view of the game
Thanks to her Sit Mat, my mum has a great view of the game
Special Thanks To Salford City Reds For Permission To Take And Use This Photograph

What Other Products Are Hiding?

The “mundane” sit mat can be used for its purpose in lots of aspects of everyday life. I wonder what other outdoor products can be used for more they we think, why not use a head torch for you car torch and free up a hand when using it, put shopping in your rucksack and save carrier bags, there are so many more and I would love to hear from you with your suggestions. Just click on the “comments” link below.


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