Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team Teddies

Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team have put together a very cute little video to promote the sale of “Mountain Rescue Teddies” as part of their fund raising efforts. The video which is posted on You Tube is embedded below. It shows the teddy mountain rescue team embark on a heroic mountain rescue typical of the type of rescue the real Wasdale team embark upon in real life.

Two teddy bear climbers need to be rescued in this typical Lake District rescue scenario. One climber has fallen sustaining head injuries, the other cannot move after seeing his climbing partner fall. The Wasdale Mountain Rescue Teddy Bears are called into action! The team of four teddies, complete with rucksacks assemble at the foot of the crag. The teddies must climb up the crag and lower themselves back down to reach the first injured bear climber. They bring with the a trauma sack and provide care to the casualty. Meanwhile, two other members of the teddy bear mountain rescue team must climb further up to rescue the other teddy bear climber, facing an overhang followed by a grass rake. Climbing high up the crag they eventually reach the cragfast climber and lower him down. The day is saved thanks to the herioc teddy bears of Wasdale Mountain Rescue team!


Aren’t the teddy bears cute…and heroic too! Mountain Rescue Teddies can be purchased from Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team, their contact details are on the video.

The Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team (MRT) are volunteers who are totally committed to improving their rescue capability, for which they need climbing equipment, communications equipment and training. It costs about £15,000 per annum for them to operate. They rely almost entirely on donations from the public, so buying a mountain rescue teddy is a great way to help!

There are twelve teams altogether in the Lake District Search and Rescue Association. Wasdale MRT covers Wasdale and Eskdale valleys and extends over Cold Fell towards the coast in the north, and onto Ulpha Fell in the South. Each year there are 50 to 60 call outs, the majority of which take Wasdale MRT up England’s highest mountain: Scafell Pike. There are over 40 members of Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team, who have an operations base in Gosforth. Each rescue requires about 25 volunteers who are interrupted from work or leisure to join the rescue. Rescues are normally carried out using Land Rovers and on foot and often require casualties to be carried on a stretcher, but they can also require assistance from the RAF helicopter.


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