Nokia Coast to Coast Adventure Race

Adventure racing is gaining popularity. Worldwide there are more and more events that combine multiple disciplines such as trekking, running off-road, sea kayaking, mountain biking and road cycling.

Scotland Coast to Coast

Taking place on the 18th and 19th of September 2010, the Nokia Coast to Coast journey starts off on the North Sea, crossing Scotland along the sides of Loch Ness, Loch Oich and Loch Lochy before finishing up on the Isle of Glencoe and Ballachulish.

The starting point of the race is Nairn, north east of Inverness. The stages are as follows:

Adventure Event Distance
Flat Trail Run 7 miles (11 km)
Road Cycle 34.17 miles (55 km)
Flat Water Kayak
(Expert class only)
10.56 (17 km)
Mini Run & Kayak 1.5 miles (3 km)
Off Road Cycle 24.85 miles (40 km)
Road Cycle 13 miles (21 km)
Hill Trek / Trail Run 14.29 miles (23 km)
Flat Water Kayak 1 mile (1.5 km)

Imagine a route that traverses one of the most famous mountain landscapes in the world by bike, foot and boat; a journey that covers just over 100 miles, including a marathon-worth on foot; a journey that takes in some of the most iconic locations and amazing views in the Scottish Highlands: Loch Ness, the Great Glen, Ben Nevis and Glen Coe.

This is a challenge open to all adventurers. Some will come to win; some purely to finish; many just to take part. All will leave having enjoyed being active with friends in this spectacular setting. Nokia Coast to Coast is a truly defining journey through the mystery and lore of this ancient landscape.

Nokia Adventure Race Categories

There are three adventure racing categories, which are Challenger, Racer and Expert.

The Challenger event takes place over two days. It is for pairs or solos and aimed at anyone with a reasonable fitness level, whether or not they have previously taken part in an adventure race.

Racers must cover the 109 mile coast to coast route in a single day (13 hours to be precise!) For pairs or solos, Racers must be confident at on and off-road cycling and a tough runner, although no advanced skills in kayaking are required.

Experts must also complete the coast to coast course in one day. The Expert category is for solos only. It includes an extra dose of kayaking in Loch Ness and participants must be experienced kayakers. You will need to bring your own support team with a vehicle too.

Challengers and Racers must use the same bike for both on and off-road cycling events. Mountain bikes or hybrids are most suitable, but road bikes are not recommended. Experts can use more than one bike, but must also have their own kayak.

If you can’t make the Nokia Coast to Coast to Adventure Race, you could try the iROC race starting 28th May or the Lowe Alpine Mountain Marathon on 12/13th June 2010.

Adventure Racing Inspiration

Adventure racing requires a high level of fitness and good ability across a range of disciplines. Getting out and training for these events is essential. Having a goal to work towards definitely helps but if you are having trouble motivating yourself take a look at our mountain marathon training tips.

If our tips don’t help you could consult the world’s most successful adventure racer. For inspiration, advice and to find out what it takes to become a six times world champion adventure racer, have a read of our interview with Ian Adamson. As well as winning the Raid Gauloises, Primal Quest and Eco-Challenge adventure races, among others, Ian Adamson is also three times world champion endurance kayaker, paddling 262 miles in 24 hours!

A view along Scotland's Loch Ness
Nokia Coast to Coast Adventure Race passes through Scotland’s famous Loch Ness. Source Flickr by conner395.

2 thoughts on “Nokia Coast to Coast Adventure Race

  1. The second annual Nokia Scotland Coast to Coast adventure race is coming up this September 17 & 18, 2011. All the race distances will remain the same, but I think think the one and two day race entries will start together on Saturday. As the race organizers put it, there will now be two finish line parties on Saturday and Sunday nights.

    I look forward to competing in this adventure race and seeing Scotland for my first time. I’ll be posting Scotland Coast to Coast race result and tips at


    1. Hi,

      Thanks for letting us know about the race & best of luck, we’ll be keeping up to date with what you’re doing (training and the race) via your blog!



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