Berghaus Rock Climbing Game – Asgard Project

Berghaus have launched an online rock climbing flash game to give the general public a virtual taste of a major climbing adventure.

Climb Project Asgard - Berghaus Flash Climbing game

For most of the year the fjords on Baffin Island are filled with frozen sea ice, but for a short period in the summer the ice melts and with 24 hours of daylight the area becomes a climbers paradise with mile high granite walls and amazing scenery.

Last year, sponsored climbers Leo Houlding and Carlos Suarez tackled the Asgard Project, an ambitious expedition to climb the mile high Mount Asgard (named after the realm of the Norsk gods) on Baffin Island in the Arctic Circle, and then BASE jump from the top.

Berghaus has captured essential elements of this trip and turned them into a fun, addictive, virtual  climbing game. As each stage of the game is completed and you progress, new content is unlocked, such as Berghaus downloads and video clips from the Asgard expedition. You can also challenge your friends and compete to lead the league table.

The aim of the flash game is simply to get to the top! The gameplay itself is straightforward, you have to choose the best route to take and which belay points to aim for while keeping an eye on your balance and stamina. There are also plenty of obstacles to avoid on the way, such as falling rocks, snow storms and extreme winds.

If you feel up to the challenge then why not grab your virtual climbing gear and give the game a go:


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