Cyclists Fill That Pothole

Flowers planted in a pothole in an East London Street
Fill That Hole! A mini-garden in the street. Source: Flickr by ©thepotholegardener
Following the cold snap at the beginning of the year, our roads were left full of potholes, causing a nightmare for cyclists and drivers alike. Fortunately help was at hand, the Fill That Hole website being just the ticket for reporting potholes to your local highways agency. Using Google maps the exact location of the pothole can be pinpointed and reported. Fairplay to my local highway authority who have patched up a lot of potholes since the big freeze. Not everyone has been so lucky, however. The roads in East London have not had their potholes filled in a timely fashion, leading to a spate of gardening in the streets. In a protest over the lack of remedial road care by his local authority, the mysterious pothole gardener has taken action. Sporting a safety vest and armed with a trowel, some soil and flowers, he has taken to the streets and literally filled that hole!

A pothole in an East London Road
Before...a pothole
A pothole garden in an East London Street
After...a mini garden
Photo credit: ©thepotholegardener

Potholes are a menace to cyclists. We are likely to see a proliferation of pothole gardens with the cycling community joining the campaign.

In a bid to support the Pot Hole Gardener’s direct action, cyclists across the nation are said to be planning to plant pothole gardens too.

A flower seller cycling with flowers on bike
Cyclists are joining the campaign to highlight the lack of action on potholes. Source: Flickr by saragoldsmith

There are concerns that the campaign will go too far. Reports are coming in that a group of gardening hikers are planning to plant flowers in some of the footpaths that lead up to our favourite mountains. However, the presence of non-native plants poses a substantial threat to natural flora and anyone caught planting flowers on a hiking trail is likely to be severely disciplined.


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