Lowe Alpine Travel Trekker Pro 70 + 17 Review

Update: Lowe Alpine no longer make the Travel Trekker 70 + 17. Instead we recommend the Berghaus Motive 60 + 10 and the Berghaus Women’s Motive 60 + 10. Made from heavy duty fabric with biofit back system and a detachable 10 litre daysack, the Berghaus Motive is an excellent large rucksack for travelling.

If you’re going travelling around the world in your gap year or going on a multi-point city break holiday, the Lowe Alpine Travel Trekker Pro 70 + 17 is definitely worth considering for your backpack luggage. This rucksack is well thought out with many helpful features that will make travelling easier.

The Travel Trekker Pro 70 + 17 consists of a large 70 litre rucksack and a small 17 litre daysack. The travel daysack fits snuggly onto the back of the rucksack, secured by clips and is semi-covered by protective flaps, described by Lowe Alpine as a clamshell pouch. This clever design will help to protect the daysack from being accidentally torn off the main rucksack whilst your luggage is being man-handled during your travels.

The ultimate adventure travellers bag. The TFX Travel adjustable back system ensures comfort when carrying heavy loads and yet folds flat for mechanised transportation. The Pro comes with a small day bag for city tours and day hikes. Lowe Alpine.

Travel Trekker Pro 70 – Main Rucksack

There are two carrying handles, one on the top of the rucksack and one on the side. These handles feel strong, and with ample padding so that the bag can be picked up quite comfortably. There is also a detachable strap that enables you to sling the rucksack over your shoulder, so that you can easily carry your travel luggage around when the proper back system is stowed away. However, this strap and its clips seem a bit flimsy.

The Travel Trekker rucksack and daysack
Lowe Alpine Travel Trekker Pro 70 + 17 Rucksack: The best travel luggage!

Lowe Alpine TFX Travel Back System

The back system is Lowe Alpine’s TFX Travel back system, which can be shut away underneath a zippered panel. When the panel is unzipped it can be rolled up and stored away behind a velcro fastening. It is a little awkward to roll the panel and stuff it away, but having the panel eliminates the risk of the shoulder and waist straps from being accidentally torn off during baggage handling, so it is worth the inconvenience.

The back system itself consists of height adjustable shoulder straps and waist straps. These padded straps are quite stiff but surprisingly comfortable, even when the rucksack is fully loaded up. Adjusting the height of the shoulder straps is relatively simple: unclip the cover and slide the shoulder harness up or down as required, using a wide strap. There are markings to give an indication of where shoulder harness should be for a person of your height. The shoulder straps have tension adjusters and clips so that you can attach the travel daysack in front of you. There is also a chest strap which has a plastic buckle with a built in whistle. With all these features, the TFX back system makes the pack suitable for hiking and is far more than just a means of carrying the rucksack through the airport or across the station.

Rucksack Pockets and Storage

The rucksack has a generous 70 litre storage capacity and is opened by a zipper that runs around the pack in such a way that it opens up like a suitcase. It is possible to lock the zip together with a padlock, providing some security for your luggage.

Inside the Lowe Alpine Travel Trekker Pro 70 + 17
The Travel Trekker opens like a suitcase and has plenty of pockets

Inside the main compartment of the travel backpack there is a big mesh pocket on the back of the lid, handy for storing dirty clothes. There are also two smaller pockets along the sides that connect together with a clip, which can help to keep your gear tidy. One of these is a mesh pocket and the other is not. Finally there is a large circular bucket pocket which closes with a draw cord. These pockets and compartments enable you to keep your gear reasonably organised without losing the large empty space that you would be use to if using a suitcase. There are also compression straps on the outside of the rucksack, just in case you have some space in your bag when embarking on your travels!

Backpack Luggage Features

It is made from “N630, 1680 Poly Ballistic” Fabric, which is fairly tough, yet still flexible. At 3.5 kg it is a relatively lightweight when compared to other popular luggage such as large wheeled suitcases, but heavier than backpacking rucksacks of a similar size.

A rucksack rain cover is stored in a small pocket at the top of the rucksack, where it is handy for quick deployment to cover your backpack should you encounter a sudden downpour.

There is also a large mesh stash pocket at the front, underneath the daysack storage clamshell.

Travel Trekker Pro 70 – 17 litre Daysack

The travel day pack has a number of features that are particularly suitable for the traveller. There is a hole at the top for a head phone cable with a pocket just inside for your iPod or mp3 player. There are also two secret pockets, one on the front and one at the back, which are ideal for keeping your passport, tickets and other important travel documents. The secret pocket at the front also contains a clip for attaching your keys. As with the large part of the rucksack, it is possible to secure the zipper with a padlock.

There are two mesh pockets on either side of the daysack and a compression strap. The only disappointing feature are the straps, which are very lightly padded and not really suitable for spending a whole day carrying the daysack sightseeing around a city or on a short hike. A small waist strap would also be a welcome addition, if for example you were going on a day hike or cycle ride.

Lowe Alpine Travel Trekker Pro 70 + 17 Review Summary

The Travel Trekker Pro 70 + 17 from Lowe Alpine is a well thought out rucksack which is ideal for gap year and world travel luggage. The large 70 litre backpack has a solid, comfortable and stowable back system with suitcase opening. The 17 litre travel day pack fits securely onto the main rucksack and includes features specifically for the traveller such as secret pockets. The shoulder straps on the daysack could be improved but would be acceptable for most people.

Have you got a Lowe Alpine Travel Trekker Pro 70 + 17 or similar rucksack? What backpacking luggage would you recommend? Tell us what do you think and add to the review. Click on “comments” and let us know!

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