Outdoor Gear Blog: Best Posts

Earlier this month the second anniversary of the Outdoor Gear Blog passed by uneventfully. Yet on the 7th of August 2009, the first anniversary was celebrated with a summary of our favourite outdoor blog posts. So it seems only fitting that we should do a round up of the best posts of our second year before this month is over.

Best Outdoor Gear Posts

One of our favourite bits of outdoor gear this year is the Vango Helium Superlite tent. Available in two models, the 1 man 100 model and the 2 man 200 tent, both are lightweight, rugged and ideally suited for mountain marathons or solo walking. Our review looks at the Vango tents in detail.

Given the amount of rain we get in the UK, its no wonder that we love our breathable waterproof fabrics. To get the most out of our outdoor, our essential guide to caring for breathable waterproofs fabrics is a must read post.

Best Walking Post

We all enjoy being in the outdoors and going for a hike through the countryside. In the UK there is plenty outstanding scenery and we are certainly spoilt for choice. One good hiking option is the Anglesey Coastal Walk.

Outdoor Interviews

This year we have posted some outstanding interviews. From the world of Adventure Racing, Ian Adamson is the most successful athlete. Why not read our interview to find out more about the six times World Champion Adventure Racer and world record holder for endurance Kayaking.

Last summer Stepping Lightly and User Scott hit the headlines with their covert ascent of the famous Blackpool Tower. In our interview with Stepping Lightly you can find out more about the world of climbing man-made structures and Urban Exploration.

For walkers and hikers, the spectacle of a bird of prey circling in the skies overhead can be the highlight of the walk. Unfortunately birds of prey are the victims of shooting, poisoning and land mismanagement. In our interview with RSPB Campaign Officer, John Loder, we found out how the RSPB Bird of Prey Campaign is bringing to the light the plight of these magnificent birds. A big thank you to all our readers who signed their name to the 200,000 strong RSPB petition that was handed into the government in February.

Light Hearted Walking Blog Posts

What can possibly be more cute than teddy bears? The Wasdale Mountain Rescue Teddies! Watch the video of their heroic cliff rescue in which they scale diamond crag to save two stranded climbers.

The future of mapping and the future of hiking have also been discussed. With the invention of Sherpa-cam, we will soon be able to walk up Mount Everest courtesy of Google Street View. We also reveal how urban hiking will become a major pastime for city dwellers with advent of vertical farms.

Best Outdoor Blog Posts 2010

That concludes our round up for another year. We can only speculate about what outdoor related gems we will publish in the next 12 months, but we are sure that there will be a fine selection for next year’s best blog post post!


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  1. Thank you guys for the awesome info, I am an avid camper and enjoy camping and the outdoors. I am grateful I found your blog. Thank you again.


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