The Happy Valley Walking Festival 2010

Over a two week period, 15th – 31st October, Bollington will hold it’s first walking festival. The two weeks will include over 30 walks and rambles, including child friendly activities, and many social events.

The Bollington Walking Festival
White Nancy - Source Flikr AliceRosen

Bollington is nestled in the Cheshire Peak District, close to Macclesfield. Bollington’s surroundings are ideal for walkers of all levels. This means for some of the walks you will need walking boots but for others just some comfy trainers will do. However, don’t forget to pack a waterproof jacket.

Amazing Views & Plenty of History

The festival offers a fantastic way to explore the area around Bollington, including parts of the peak district national park, with plenty of spectacular views and a whole heap of history to be discovered. If you’re planning on taking part in multiple walks then there is a plentiful selection of places to eat, stay and drink after a hard days walk. Events include a Ceilidh at Hollin Hall Hotel, an art exhibition at the White Gallery, theatre productions, concert(s), and an open day at Bollington Brewery. To really appreciate an area you need to know a little of it’s history.

It is a town borne of its rural origins with the industrialisation of the area beginning in the mid 18th century and rapidly developing in the 19th when several large cotton mills were built, coal mines were opened and stone quarried. The opening of the Macclesfield Canal in 1831 provided important industrial development incentive as did the railway that followed in the 1860’s. In modern times the mills have been replaced by, usually, smaller businesses although there remain two large paper coating mills. Tourism is increasingly important, the town providing an easy base for those interested in walking the hills, walking or boating the canal or walking or riding (bikes and horses) on the converted railway track, now known as the Middlewood Way. – source Happy Valley Website

Some of the most amazing views can be gained through a walk to the top of White Nancy (pictured above), including the Jodrell Bank observatory. White Nancy is actually the name of the landmark found at the peak, it was built in 1815 for the Gaskell family as a summer house though has for sometime been simply an impressive landmark loved by locals and tourists.

Top Walks of the Bollington Walking Festival

For more details on the below walk please see the festival leaflet

  • The Knights Walk – Bakestonedale Moor
    14/15 miles, mostly hill walking, strenuous (16/10/10)
  • Bridgend 20th Anniversary Walk – White Nancy
    7/8 miles, some hill walking, moderate (16/10/10)
  • The Ridge Raider – Dunge Valley
    11 miles, mostly hill walking, strenuous (24/10/10)
  • Ribbon of History – Harrop Valley
    6 miles, some hill walking, moderate (27/10/10)
  • Rise to Shine – Bollington
    15 miles, mostly hill walking, strenuous (29/10/10)

If you don’t fancy a walk through the countryside thats no problem, as Bollington itself has many places of interest. You can walk the waterways past the Clarence and Adelphi Mills, discover the rich history of Bollington and surrounding areas with a visit to Quarry Bank Mill and the Anson Engine Museum.

If you want to know more about the walking festival in Bollinton, you can view their leaflet or follow @BollyWalkFest on twitter.


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