Glyder Fawr Wales' fifth "super mountain"

A Snowdonia peak has been found to be an extra 1.8m, due to more accurate height measurements, and has become the 5th “super-mountain” in Wales.

Glyder Fawr - Snowdonia - Tents
Glyder Fawr - Source Flickr MarchiCTID

Glyder Fawr was measured at 999m using a “photogrammetry” method where detailed aerial images are used to create a 3d model from which measurements are taken. However, this method can be wrong by up to 3m. Enthusiasts from G & J Surveys have used more accurate measurements made by GPS equipment to find the mountain is actually 1000.8m above sea level.

Other than meaning the National Trust can now use the term “super-mountain” for a fifth peak what does this new measurement mean?

Emyr Williams, director of land management with the Snowdonia National Park Authority said the new measurement would mean “new obligations” for the park authority from a land conservation and management perspective.

“We now have a fifth peak in Snowdonia which is higher than 1000m and as a result it is sure to attract more walkers to this area”. – Source BBC News

But this isn’t the first time enthusiasts have found height where it was never before. Last September we told you about Mynydd Graig Goch, also in Snowdonia. Mynydd was found to be 75cm taller than previously thought, taking it just into the mountain classification.

If you’re interested in walking in the picturesque Welsh countryside but do not fancy the daunting climb up all five super-mountains, the Anglesey coastal path or the Pembrokeshire coastal walk are worth considering.


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