Everest Summit Calling

Earlier today it was announced that Ncell, the Nepalese Telecom firm, is currently installing eight 3G telephone masts along the route to base camp Mt. Everest. The highest mast will be located 17,000ft (5,200m) above sea level, meaning that the signal will be able to reach the summit of Everest.

iphone maps don't work
mobile mapping may have to improve a little first.

This means that phone calls, texts, picture messaging and of course the internet will all be able to be accessed at the summit. That is of course if you want to risk taking your gloves off … though I dare say with this announcement there will be a company rubbing it’s hands in glee, for maybe they have a device that means the gloves can stay on and the hands stay toasty.

Also in the announcement was the primary reason for the implementation of the masts. To bring more tourists to Everest. Another reason must be of course that mountaineers would rather use a normal mobile than have to use a satellite phone which allows voice-only services, plus should you get lost or be hit by a sudden burst of bad weather this affords an easy way to contact base camp and emergency services. Further to this as long as the mobile is on, the position of the phone can be located to within metres, meaning rescue times could be cut saving lives.

You can read more about this announcement on the BBC News website.

Image Sources: Philip Milne (top) – Alan Levine (right)


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