Most Popular Blogs of 2010

During 2010 we’ve managed to rack up over 100 articles on this blog. These have included interviews, products reviews, industry news and much more. To celebrate the end of another great year we’ve choosen our favourite posts (of all time) and the 10 most popular posts of 2010 to share with you once again.

Most Popular Posts of 2010

Staff Picks: Andy

Since joining the CheapTents team in July I’ve written many articles including several of this years most popular, one of which is the family camping checklist. During my time so far as part of the team I’ve concentrated on improving the CheapTents website, which last month resulted in a huge roll-out of updates to the website. When I’ve not been busy updating the website and writing articles I’ve spent time reading through some of the older posts on this blog and so here are my top 5 articles of all time.

  1. An Interview with Daniel Woods – Pro Climber
  2. An Interview with Ian Adamson – Adventure Racer
  3. An Interview with Ueli Steck – Speed Climber
  4. Hiking in Afghanistan
  5. Google City Tours – Product Review

Staff Picks: Daniel

Obviously all of the posts on the CheapTents blog are fantastic 😉 so its difficult to choose only five of the best! My favourite posts are as follows:

  1. Compendium of best posts from our first 12 months
  2. Mobile phone technology is great
  3. Stepping Lightly Summits Blackpool Tower
  4. South Pole Expedition
  5. The Infamous Cassowary

We would love to know what you favourite posts have been and why, let us know by leaving a comment below.


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