Outdoor Blog Post

For the past three years the CheapTents team have been writing outdoor blog posts! Whether its gear, getting out and about, industry news, interviews or wildlife, there is a lot going on in the great outdoors. To celebrate our birthdays we like to put together a collection of our favourite posts from the past 12 months. This year we’ll dispense with the long, rambling approach and get straight to the links!

Outdoor Gear

It’s no surprise that we love our outdoor gear and tent reviews are always popular!

The easy pole clip system is an absolute joy to use, the three poles that make up the Tadpole 2 DL’s Semi-Geodesic frame are colour coded, one yellow and two green. They attach into colour coded clips and sockets which enables you to erect the inner tent in a couple of minutes.


South Africa has an enormous amount of countryside wilderness and mountains to attract walkers and hikers. There are a great many walking trails throughout the country, so South Africa has a large amount to offer people who wish to go walking abroad.

Outdoor Professional Interviews

The great, the bats and under-achieving.

I find unparalleled beauty, refreshing simplicity, and tremendous humility in the outdoors. And long-distance walking is a great way to experience it: it’s great exercise and it allows me to see vast swaths of nature in a relatively short period of time. Andrew Skurka

Just for Fun

Throw out your walking boots and get some clogs!

When you get a new pair of hiking boots they often need breaking in, so that the leather moulds to the shape of your feet. With hiking clogs it is more a case of breaking in your feet until they fit the shape of your clogs. So they do take a bit of getting use to, but once your feet are the correct shape, hiking clogs are much more comfortable than walking boots.

Previous Birthday Round Ups

Well that’s our third birthday round up completed. If you wish to go to posts from further back in time…


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