The North Face Atlas Triclimate Jacket Review

Update: We are not currently selling the Altas jacket, instead we have The North Face Zenith Triclimate Jacket, which is similar.

The North Face brand is one which is known for producing supremely high quality and innovative products. Today we are taking a look at a waterproof jacket which has been part of their collection for a few years, the Atlas Triclimate Jacket.

The Atlas Triclimate Jacket claims to be a versatile 3-in-1 jacket providing optimal cold and wet weather protection. So as part of this review we’ll be examining just how versatile this jacket is and whether it really does offer such great protection as it claims, we’re not sceptics but we like quality to be proven.

winter jacket from the north face

Firstly, lets take a look at some of the features which this waterproof jacket offers. The Atlas Triclimate offers a waterproof, breathable, seam sealed HyVent exterior jacket, paired with a 200g triclimate fleece with twin hand pockets. The triclimate also has a Napoleon chest pocket, in addition to an inner chest pocket. Further features of this jacket are, a fully adjustable and removable hood, pit zips and what is claimed to be an impregnable centre zip storm flap. If all these features are as great as they first read then this jacket really would be a versatile jacket, which could be used by anyone from walkers to cyclists, but does the jacket match it’s hype?

A High Performer?

Secondly, the results of our testing. I took this jacket out on a test drive, on a day that was one of the most changeable days weather-wise I can recall. One moment it was pouring down with harsh gusts of wind, the next gloriously sunny, thankfully conditions this jacket claims to cope with quite well.

When I first tried the jacket on I choose medium, I’m a 5ft 7″ slim built man, the jacket fitted perfectly. This for me was the first big tick in the box as I always seem to struggle with sizes, either the length or the arms are too long for the body, but The North Face got this just right. The twin hand pockets are in just the right position, with a backpack on they are still accessible as was the chest pocket, something a few manufacturers over look.

North Face Atlas Triclimate Waterproof Jacket
The North Face Atlas Triclimate

So far so good, so I took the jacket and hit the hills. The jackets coped really well with the wind and the rain, nothing was getting in through the zips. It’s not often I will agree with something being impregnable but the storm flap and zips on the atlas triclimate jacket really are. When the winds got up the cinch cord meant that there was no wind entering and so the heat would stay in.

Soon after the rain stopped, the sun popped through the clouds and things began to warm up. A little too warm fully zipped up I began by opening the pit zip vents. There isn’t much to say about them other than they work, though are of somewhat limited use if you really need to cool down.

Still warm, I removed the fleece from the outer shell of the jacket. The outer shell of the jacket with or without pit vents open I believe would be a great jacket for cyclists or runners, perfect ventilation without getting soaked! Next I tried with just the fleece. The fleece is a 200 weight fleece and is great for wearing alone on autumn days where the weather can’t quite make it’s mind up. It would also be a great fleece to stuff in your bag when going for a hike as it is fairly lightweight yet really warm and comfortable. So the jacket really is a versatile 3-in-1 which could be used all year round.

A Jacket to match it’s billing?

The North Face Atlas Triclimate jacket is a comfortable, waterproof and windproof jacket. It’s versatile nature means it can cope with almost any weather conditions you care to throw at it. The dual layer system, for me at least, makes this one of the best jackets on the market today.


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