Nordisk is Coming to CheapTents!

The logo of Nordisk outdoor equipment manufacturerWe are proud to announce that we will soon be stocking camping tents from Nordisk. Based in Denmark and Germany, they have been making high quality camping equipment for many years, their roots can be traced back to 1901 when they were founded as Nordisk Fjer (Northern Feather) in Denmark. Due to their Scandinavian history, all Nordisk’s outdoor gear incorporates an innovative Nordic-style design gained through their long-standing experience in dealing with Scandinavia’s harsh climate.

Since the rise of the earliest northern kingdoms, the virtues of courage, inventiveness and pride have been core values in the nordic heritage. Great kings haves lead their men through victorious battles and bold expeditions, while at the same time farming the land…

The spirit of our northern ancestors still flows in our blood and is a vital part of the NORDISK brand. NORDISK means nordic and underlines our cultural roots – a heritage we’re very proud of. Therefore these Nordic values apply to all our products as well, as we strive to make them still better and innovative as well as something to be proud of.

Our Range of Nordisk Tents

Update: We are now selling ultralight backpacking tents from Nordisk, the Telemark 1 LW & Telemark 2 LW!

Designed with input from users, stockists and other outdoor experts, Nordisk tents are tested in real life conditions to ensure excellent design, functionality and build quality. We have selected the following tents from the Nordisk range:

Vitus Si backpacking tunnel tent
Nordisk Vitus Si tunnel tent

  • Vitus SI – black zone
  • Jernberg SI – black zone
  • Jumala 3 – green zone
  • Pasch PU – red zone
  • Nando – retro zone

Nordisk Zones

To help you choose the right tent for the right job, Nordisk categorise their tents into different zones.

Nordisk Jernberg Si backpacking geodesic tent
Nordisk Jernberg Si geodesic tent
Tents from the black zone are the highest specification, lightweight and with small pack size. They are ideal for use in mountain conditions where there is likely to be snow as opposed to rain. They are made from silicone coated, ripstop, nylon fabric and come with perfect fitting, colour coded aluminium poles. Aluminium pegs and robust compression sacks are included, footprints are available.

Nordisk Pasch PU backpacking Tent
Nordisk Pasch PU one man tent
In the red zone, Nordisk tents are most suited to the rainy conditions that we experience in the UK. They are slightly heavier and with a larger pack size than the black zone tents, however due to their Northtec PU 3000 polyester fabric, the fly sheet has superior waterproof qualities. This fabric is also UV and tear resistant. Black zone tents also come with perfect fitting, colour coded aluminium poles, aluminium pegs and robust compression sacks. Again, footprints are an optional extra.

Nordisk Jumala 3 camping tent
Nordisk Jumala 3 tunnel tent
Nordisk green zone tents have been designed with lots of living space and functional features. Weight and pack size are secondary considerations. The fly sheet is made from Northtec PU 3000 polyester fabric, so they are waterproof and durable. They have colour-coded aluminium poles, aluminium tent pegs and come in a robust packing bag.

Nordisk Nando tent from the retro zone
Nordisk Nando Tipi Tent
The retro zone features large cotton tents suitable for groups that go camping in the summer.

Coming Soon to CheapTents

We will be stocking Nordisk tents from March 2012!

NORDISK is not just a place or a brand – it is a state of mind.


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