OMM 2012 in Kielder Forest?

Runners in the Original Mountain Marathon.
Runner on the fells during the 2008 OMM. Source OMM.

Formerly known as the Karrior International Mountain Marathon KIMM, the Original Mountain Marathon is said to be the forerunner of adventure racing. From its inception in 1968, each year this legendary outdoor event has taken place in a different area of the UK. Whilst the region where the race is to take place is revealed early, the exact location is given out only a couple of months before the event takes place.

Mystery Surrounding Location of OMM 2012

This year the OMM will be taking place on the 27/28th October in the North of England.

The assembly area will only be disclosed when race information is dispatched to competitors in mid August. Seeking to gain advantage by reconnoitring the competition area is against the rules.

Now, rumour has it that the 2012 Original Mountain Marathon will be held Kielder Forest, Northumberland. CheapTents can reveal that these rumours are false. Our inside source at OMM has told us exclusively that OMM will not be in Kielder Forest and it will not even be in Northumberland. The exact location though, is still a mystery!

In a different area from last year, [the OMM] will present challenges for everyone who takes part. It is still, internationally the largest and most prestigious Mountain Marathon event. THE OMM tests teamwork, self-reliance, endurance, outdoor and navigational skills.

Wild camping during the OMM 2011
OMM is over two days, with overnight camping. Source OMM.

Have you already entered or are you thinking of entering OMM 2012? There are a range course lengths to choose from depending upon your ability. These cater for experienced mountain marathoners and orienteers right the way through to hill walkers who wish to make the transition into mountain marathons. All entrants must have a good fitness level, experience of UK mountain conditions and be able to navigate with a map and compass. To help yourself prepare, why not read our mountain marathon training tips and don’t forget to check out our OMM mountain marathon gear!

Original Mountain Marathon Logo
Prepare for adventure!

For those of you who like their outdoor event news delivered in a humorous manner, Gareth has suggested an alternative wording for this post:

Before you read this post, make sure that all your doors and windows are shut, animals and anyone who can’t keep their mouth shut are out of the room.

Have you done it?

Good! then lets begin.

Our highly placed mole, so deep under cover at OMM that even he doesn’t know his own identity has uncovered startling information about this year’s Original Mountain Marathon. Information passed on at the risk of his life!!!!!!!

Now read very carefully I shall write this only once!

This OMM Mountain Marathon scheduled for 27th/28th October 2012 will not take place in the Kielder Forest.

Disclaimer: No phone hacking was involved in obtaining this information.


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