June 17th, National GeekDad Day

Father’s day has become over commercialised over the past decade or three. This year we want to break with the idea of selling you something to give to your dad, we all know he has too many ties anyway!

Geek dad day 2012 june 17

So instead of the usual list of amazing fathers day gifts, this year we want to take a different track. Inspired by a Wired article I recently read encouraging father and child to go to science museums and spend quality geek time together, we here at CheapTents want to encourage you to get out into the countryside around you this GeekDad Day.

We are still going to call it GeekDad Day because our idea is that you and your family explore the countryside, but not just saying “oh that’s pretty”. We want you to explore in a much more in depth manner, we want you to look at what butterflies and birds you can identify, we want to know what trees you discover and of course we want to see your route posted online.

Geeks Explore the Outdoors

Now we are all aware of the stereotypical geek, sat in their room typing away at a computer at all hours of the day and night. So to entice those geeks out for a day we’ve got some great ideas for Geek Dad Day which are fantastic for geeks and their families.

Explore Snowdon by Rail (or Foot)
This is a fairly obvious thing for us to suggest. Use the steam railway to get to the top of mount Snowdon, enjoy a nice cuppa in the café and enjoy the wonderful views. A few geeky facts about the café: it was built at a cost of £8.3million, all the materials for the building were taken up using the railway, it’s called “Hafod Eryri” which means summer residence in Snowdonia, and the building has been designed to withstand 150mph winds (2x hurricane force) and temperatures of -20°C. Click here to find out more about the Snowdonia Railway.

Enjoy the Edinburgh Views from Arthur’s Seat
One of the Scottish capital’s more famous landmarks is of course Arthur’s Seat. Unlike Snowdon there is no railway here, but then again it’s not really a mountain. Arthur’s Seat is a fairly easy hike for all family members. At the summit (250m) you will, on a good day, be able to see across Edinburgh and the Lothians, you can look towards fife and the north sea. Arthur’s Seat sits in the centre of Edinburgh and Holyrood Park, which is also home to Dynamic Earth a wonderful family friendly geek adventure museum. If you are exploring Edinburgh from Arthur’s Seat you are about a mile away from the famous castle, which is also worth exploring.

Discover the Jurassic Coast
A world heritage site, the very idea of which will make many geeks get excited, the Jurassic Coast of Dorest and East Devon is a treasure trove of history and fun. Not only can you learn about the history of our amazing island and the creatures that once roamed to world, but you can also be the first to discover a bit of history when you go fossil hunting! The Jurassic Coast offers lots of fun for the whole family, regardless of age, to check out what events are on visit the Jurassic Coast website. Go on be a geek and discover 250 million years of history.

Those are Giant Walking Boots to Fill!
Follow in giant walking boots with a visit the Giants Causeway in North Antrim (Northern Ireland). This is a real treat for geeks, taking in stunning views you will discover 38000 basalt columns created by volcanic actions over 60 million years ago. The columns from above look like a giant honeycomb, though we are assured it doesn’t taste like honey. Don’t miss the near by coastal path which leads to the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge. Truly a stunningly geeky day out!

Explore the UK with Cheap Tents

Our list of things to see and do could go on and on, from hiking Ben Nevis to exploring London on foot – we literally have an endless list! That aside we want to take a moment to remind you that regardless of what exploring you do this Geek Dad Day you should do so safely. You need to ensure your walking boots are in good shape, you are carrying a waterproof jacket (yes, it will probably rain) and if you are exploring a mountain we advise you take an emergency shelter.

Finally, as always when exploring make sure you tell someone where you are going and when you will be back. Even better use a service like Social Hiking or Four Square to let people know where you are now, or have just been. Not only is it nice and geeky to be social but it can also be used to find you if you don’t return home on time (because we all know mum is cooking a special meal).

Image Source: Karli Watson, flickr


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