"Superman among trekkers" Andrew Skurka's Hiking Clinic

You may recall a while back we did an interview with Andrew Skurka following his 7 month Alaska-Yukon-Expedition. Since then there has been plenty of interest in Andrew from all parties, including National Geographic who called him a “superman among trekkers”, a sentiment we fully agree with a Cheap Tents.

In April, Andrew visited the Google Plex to do what he dubs as a “hiking clinic”. The presentation, which is more of a Q&A session, has been posted online and you can see it in full below. In the clinic, Andrew talks about the uses and limitations of lightweight gear, how hikers can predict the environment and route they will take, how to stay safe when hiking (short or long distance) and you will learn why Andrew always goes back packing in the Sierra Nevada each summer. It’s a great watch, even if you do feel the need to skip through it – but we’ll let you off as it is an hour long.

Now you’ve heard Andrew’s tips, do you have any top hiking tips to share? Leave a comment below or tweet @cheaptents


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