Hydration Bladders with a Difference

Today we are announcing an Exclusive product created by Cheap Tents.

There aren’t many amongst the hiking and camping community who haven’t noticed the similarity in looks of a water bladder and a hospital drip. They both generally offer hydration to the body, even if the method of entry varies some what.

Something that made this idea come to life was when out testing a tent one weekend, Daniel was seen to hang his Platypus 2L Hoser (along with a lamp) from the inner tent loop. His excuse was it meant he didn’t have to unzip the tent inner to get water from his rucksack and it didn’t go all over the place when he rolled over onto it in the night. A pretty good excuse for the full story, which we learnt later, and led to our innovation that is today’s product.

It turns out that Daniel, like myself, was once abducted – though unlike me not for generating electricity. Instead, Daniel was abducted and bitten by a mosquito, though it was no ordinary mosquito. The mosquito has a long scientific name but is generally referred to as the Vampire Mosquito. The mosquito, the largest of it’s kind, sucks more blood than any other of its type and rarely works alone – indeed Daniel was bitten by 10 Vampire Mosquito’s. The loss of blood caused Daniel to become quite ill, to the extent that his kidney function was thought to be in jeopardy.

Mosquito Biting. Source: Flickr by John Tann
Mosquito Biting – Image by John Tann

A Blood HoserSince that event whilst camping in the Scottish Highlands, Daniel has carried a 2L bladder with fresh blood on the belief that the Vampire’s will return again.

Having your blood removed whilst out backpacking is far from ideal. And so today, we are proudly announcing the All New Cheap Tents Blood Pack Hoser.

It is the perfect intersection between water bladder and hospital drip. It costs just £10 for a 2 litre hoser and you can take it to any NHS Blood Bank and have it filled for only £25. The Blood Pack Hoser, will be available from the Cheap Tents store from Monday 16th July 2012. We expect a huge demand for this great new product and so we are limiting orders to 2 blood pack hoser’s per house hold at this time.


Become an organ donorWhilst the above press statement may or may not be true, this week 9-15th July 2012 is National Transplant Week in the UK. Here at Cheap Tents, we would like to encourage our readers to consider signing up for the Organ Donor Register.

To sign up for the organ donor register is quick and easy, it takes just a few moments and you are done.

Finally, we would like to ask you to use the social media buttons below to share this post. The more people we can get signed up the better from our point of view. Thank you in advance.


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