Vaude Power Tokee Ultralight Tent – Review

Update: Please note that the Power Tokee has been discontinued. As an alternative we recommend the Nordisk Telemark 1 LW instead.

This week’s Product of the Week (09/07/12) is the Vaude Power Tokee Ultralight 2012 Tent. A tent we’ve chosen as a star product, it’s a favourite amongst our customers and one of our best selling tents. The Power Tokee is a 1 person ultralight tent, which at only 860 g packed is currently the lightest tent in our selection. In our review we take a look at its features and find out why it is one of our best selling tents.

The Power Tokee Ultralight Tent from Vaude
Vaude Power Tokee Ultralight Tent

Lets Get Clippy

vaude power clip system
PowerClips securely connect the flysheet to the pole.

One of the features we liked most on the Vaude Power Tokee is the PowerClip system (pictured on the right) which attaches the flysheet to the Tokee’s lightweight Yunan branded pole. The PowerClips have a robust locking system which stops them from falling off or sliding along the tent pole, although you must remember to lock them in place! They make the tent feel a little more secure and help ensure that the fly around the arch is at the correct tension when in used in combination with the internal PowerFrame system. Like the Vango TBS system, which is used on the Helium 100 for example, the PowerFrame helps to provide rigidity to the tent. It’s a great little feature.

The tent itself is easy to pitch, it takes somewhere between 3 and 5 minutes dependant on conditions. At each end of the tent there is a short supporting pole, which gives some extra height to the end of the tent and is a pretty cool idea, as they add stability to the structure. As if that wasn’t enough they also reduce the pitched size of the tent.

Our top pitching tip: secure the main pole at both fixing points before attaching the fly sheet with the PowerClips, otherwise the PowerClips end up in the wrong place.

It’s Whats On The Inside…

power tokee double zip
The zip on the inner door runs between the groundsheet & the inner.

Inside the flysheet there is a porch which has plenty of room for a medium size rucksack and enough room to cook, if the weather is rather inclement outside. Both doors have a twin zip, though only the inner door has a toggle to hold it open, a bit of an oversight we think. The outer door also boasts a number of velcro patches which allows you to close the door without the zip allowing better ventilation in warmer weather.

Within the inner tent you will find more room that you would likely expect, this was a great surprise to us and meant that even “lofty” Gareth could fit. The inner tent is not fully mesh, as with some other tents, but there are three mesh vents (one at each and and one at the top of the door) to provide ventilation. On closing the door the groundsheet pulls up slightly, creating a “bath tub effect”, which I personally liked though Gareth was a little concerned it confined the space a little. The groundsheet is 40D ripstop polyamide, which feels relatively substantial for the tent floor. We also noticed the groundsheet was quite noisy, though this could just be our sensitive hearing!

As a final touch the Vaude Power Tokee has a hanging loop at it’s apex, this is ideal for a lamp.


With the Power Tokee, Vaude have worked hard to keep the weight as low as possible. At only 860g it is 580g lighter than the The North Face Mica 1, which is also a 1 person tent. One major factor here is the ripstop fabric used for the flysheet. The Mica’s flysheet is 40D (Denier) whereas the Power Tokee’s is half that at only 20D. Despite feeling thin, when you stretch the flysheet it does have good strength. Durability is not an issue either. Extended testing by Terrybnd has proved that the Power Tokee is a tough nut!

I’ve had this tent for a while and it’s had tough run out on the hills. It’s endured multi-day hikes and camps, calm dry evenings, batterings by gale force winds and of course good ole British rain has endeavoured to drown it too. And this lightweight one person shelter has withstood it all with impressive ease. Terrybnd.

Its also interesting to note that the Power Tokee is 110g lighter than the Vaude 1P Bivi. The Bivi has a 70D breathable single skin and less room than the double skinned tent!

If you want even more room, the almost identical 2 person Vaude Power Lizard is slightly bigger and weighs only 1050g.

The stuff sack is slightly oversized, which I like, since it makes it easier to pack the tent away in a hurry. However, it has no compression straps, which is a feature which I would like to see on all tent stuff sacks. As a lightweight backpacker rather than a racer I like to keep my packsize as small as possible and find compression straps ideal for this. I realise that the Power Tokee has been designed more for use with lightweight racers but I would imagine that the racers concerned with 20 grams from compression straps probably wouldn’t take the stuff sack on a race with them anyway!

One trade off that has been to save weight is with the tent pegs, on the surface they seem to look like the kind of round pegs you get with a cheaper tent. In reality they weigh only 7 grams each, but they do feel too lightweight. I think that Vaude would have been better supplying tent pegs similar to the MSR Needle Stakes which weigh only 4 grams more and provide a much more secure anchor.

And The Winner Is…

The Vaude Power Tokee UL Tent is a great 1 person tent, that there can be no denying. There is adequate room inside both the inner tent and the porch. The PowerFrame and PowerClips provide stability, more so than we thought before we tested it. The fabric is lightweight but also strong enough and durable too. With a weight of only 860g, the Power Tokee truly is an ultralight tent, making it ideal for adventure racing and wild camping.



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