Nordisk Pasch PU Tent Review

Update: We no longer sell the Nordisk Pasch PU and instead recommend the Lightwave T10 Trek tent. The T10 Trek is a 1 person, 3-4 season tunnel tent weighing 1.7 kg. Ideal for solo camping and backpacking.

The Nordisk Pasch PU is one of several tents from Nordisk that Cheap Tents stock. With a weight of 1.93kg and tunnel design, it is suitable for 3 season camping. The Pasch is a surprisingly roomy one-man tent, pretty much perfect for most backpackers.

Nordisk Pasch PU from Cheap Tents

Spacious Camping

nordisk pasch floorplanThe Nordisk Pasch is a tent with plenty of length and width inside. As a whole, its above the average height of an ultralight tent, so there is room to sit up near the door for anyone up to about 6ft. There is enough length for taller people to stretch out comfortably, which is a problem in some of the ultralight tents.

Inside there is plenty of room for your rucksack, a thermarest and of course your sleeping bag. There is so much room inside that we think the Pasch this should really be classed as a 1.5-man tent, or a one-man and his dog tent! We don’t think there is enough room for 2 to sleep comfortably, though you could just squeeze in if really necessary and you are not both really tall.

Whilst there is a great amount of room inside the Pasch the vestibule area is quite small. We found you couldn’t really use this area for cooking, although the is enough room to stick your walking boots there.

The inner door is a dual door, it has a mesh outer and fabric inner, there is a zip from one to the other but there appears to be no toggle to hold this section up. The idea is great to allow for extra ventilation during hot summer evenings.

There are two internal pockets, a hanging hook in the centre and a loop at foot.

Pitching the Pasch

colour coded tent poles
Colour coded tent poles

Erecting the Pasch is quite easy. It uses a quick connectors with colour coded aluminium poles to simplify set up. The Pasch has to be set up inner-first we found, we’ve seen a few websites saying otherwise but an all-in-one pitch is quite tricky with this model. For example the pole sleeve is in 3 sections, not a single sleeve, this means its nearly impossible to thread the pole through whilst the fly is on. This inner-first only pitch means that the tent takes a few more seconds to put up than would otherwise be the case.

The aluminium poles are robust, as are the pole sleeves. The rear pole is set at a slight angle, pointing away from the front pole along the top length of the tunnel. This ensures that when pegged out the tent fabric is taut and adds to the feeling of stability.

On The Fly

The fly, as with most ultralight tents, is 3000HH and tear resistant. We personally thought the fly on the Nordisk Pasch PU felt thicker and more durable than most others in the category.

nordisk pasch pu pole
Fly Clip and Pole Attachment

The fly attaches by clips to the footprint of the inner tent and attaches by velcro at the top of the poles. The clip attachments provide a fixing point which is quick and easy to snap together. The velcro was quite small and a bit fiddly for our liking. Another small criticism we have is that the webbing connecting the fly to the clip attachment is stitched over small in area, it would feel more secure if this stitching covered a larger area.

The ground sheet is a bath tub type with taped seams, though the tape appears not to reach the very tips of the tent. It is a 8000HH ground sheet, making it really quite durable and hard wearing.

The Tardis Effect – Conclusion

The Nordisk Pasch PU is a tent of stability and durability. Like the Tardis, it is bigger on the inside than it looks on the outside, with enough room inside for a man and his dog. As a result of the large inner space, the vestibule is area is quite small.

At 1.93kg this may not be the lightest tent in our range of 1 man tents, but it is certainly one of the most roomy 1 man tents we know of. With an RRP of £170 (Aug 2012) the Nordisk Pasch PU represents good value for money.



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